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Zipel 2012 Seunggi’s Asak show: A classy-stylish fan meeting

[November 12, 2012] Seunggi’s Asak Show! sponsored by Samsung Zipel Asak M9000.  Samsung D’light Center, Seoul, Korea. This was the 4th straight year this fan event has been held for Seunggi.  Lee Sugeun, who hosted the 2009 fan meeting, MC’d the event.  Guest musical performances and talk included Nation’s beloved veteran singer Shin Seung Hoon (44) and popular indie band 10cm, made up of duo Kwong Jung Yul (29) and Yoon CHul Jong (30).  Seunggi also did some cooking(!), the 3-set metal dance with fans, gave out major hugs(!) and closed by singing.

Make sure to click for recaps at Samsung Sinbustory and Samsung Tomorrow.

On to more important things~~~~  Omg, I was grinning like a fool clicking on the all the real-time press photos.  Thank you photogs for taking such lovely photos!

More importantly, thank you Cody!  You learned a thing or two on your recent travels abroad?!?!  Like, outfitting Seunggi in over-sized ajusshi clothes and bad ajumma permed hair just ain’t going to cut it in the real global entertainment world outside of clueless Hook Land!  Thank you International Airens for stalking Cody, venting our shared frustrations!  Ha, I think it’s working!  I love you!  You guys are jjang~~!!

I almost cried because Seunggi actually gave off an actor/celeb star vibe (which rarely happens in Hook land!).  Hello, this is the power of great fashion and style!  (and to the Airens who say this type of thing doesn’t matter, I’m sorry, but you’re living in la-la land.  This IS the industry that Seunggi works in, and this IS part of what comes with it.  And this IS why Cody gets paid to do a job that Seunggi does not have time for!)

Samsung really knows how to add the personal touch~~~

so sweet how they framed Seunggi’s Zipel Asak print ads and displayed them from 2009 to present time with Psy.  Really hope we get to see a talk segment with Seunggi and Psy!  That would be so daebak, considering their past history!

Although I wasn’t a big fan of the overall ensemble, I was uber happy because Cody/Hook outfitted Seunggi as a STAR (which rarely happens), versus some uhm-chin-ah boy next door concept!  Yet, he still looks totally put together, clean-cut, chic, and upstanding!  You can never go wrong with…

All-black (very slimming!), Mix of textures/fabrics (adds contours and style!), Fedora (always a celeb choice, and covers up always controversial hair!),  simple black fitted t-shirt (more on that later! *swoon*), Long stylish jacket (no hint of his usual lounge club act tuxedo jackets!), excellent tailored fitted pants and simple hot black leather boots!  (not digging Seunggi in necklaces; just doesn’t really go with his style)

After the intro talk portion, the cooking session *swoon*

More on that later!  Spamming posts forthcoming~~!!!!

Aw, the event ended with Seunggi singing his way into the hearts of fans!

Can’t wait to hear his upcoming ballad song later this month!

Just like our Seunggi, and in typical Samsung style…

this was a seriously classy, stylish fan event. Deserving of Seunggi and his fans!

Candles. Hors d’oeuvres. Black table cloths.

Lots of press streaming real-time photos/news during the event.

And lotsa love on display on stage for the main event…

And outside too.  A history of his CF images since 2009… huhuhu.

Images: As labeled

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One Response

  1. The verdict is out…and she LIKES it!!!
    Who says Seung Gi cannot be fashionable?! He looks so comfortable in this (slightly) trendy outfit. It’s a textbook example of how to wear your clothes and not let your clothes wear you! Just love it.
    But, Ann, do be aware that there are some people who prefer the usual uptight, if not ajusshi then hot shot CEO, style. What can I say? I actually like both. But since we haven’t seen too much of a star styled Seung Gi, please give us more!!!

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