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Singer Shin Seung Hoon praises Lee Seunggi [2012 Zipel Asak show]

Beloved veteran ballad singer Shin Seung Hoon (44), and indie band 10cm, made up of duo Kwong Jung Yul (29) and Yoon Chul Jong (30) were invited to guest perform at Seunggi’s Zipel fan event.  It could’ve been awkward, especially since they’re all older, but Shin Seung Hoon sunbaenim had already spoken highly about Seunggi prior to this, so it was all one big love fest!  And who can’t love Seunggi when he’s giving mad respect to others (even at his own fan event)~~!!

Shin Seung Hoon talks Seunggi compared to other juniors…

SUG: I heard you always thought very highly of Seunggi.
SSH: I always spoke highly of Seunggi on tv broadcasts and outside. (Aw, LSG’s reaction). While talent is talent, and that’s important, I look at the person himself. And this friend, from his debut until now, you think he should be getting arrogant around now, but…
SUG: He just doesn’t do that.
SSH: Yes, you know that too? SUG: Yes. (Applause!)
LSG: Thank you.
SUG: I mean, it must be so hard for him to act like that! (LOL)
SSH: That’s what I’m saying.
LSG: It’s so hard! (Ha, joining in on the joke)
SSH: When did you debut?
LSG: It’s going to be my 9th year coming up, Sunbaenim.
SSH: You can’t do that for 9 years. Since I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, I can immediately tell when juniors below are being fake to me or not. But this friend, Lee Seunggi is upstanding and bright and talented, and so that’s why I’m here today. (Aw, Sunbaenim is so cool!)

English: LSGfan, Video: LSGMSI

More love from Shin Seung Hoon sunbaenim…

LSG: I feel bad at requesting that of Sunbaenim from out of nowhere.
SUG: Since it’s me, it’s okay. Lee Seunggi shouldn’t do that.
SSH: No, if Seunggi requests it, I’ll do more. (Aw, Sunbaenim is jjang!)

English: LSGfan, Videos: LSGMSI

Ha, Seunggi noted that they both showed up wearing all-black ensembles.

Aw, always showing so much respect…

Who can’t help but to love our Seunggi?!?!

EVERYONE always smiles like this when Seunggi talks!

Can’t help it!  Aw~~~

Just look at Seunggi~~~~

Omg, I just really wanna hug him!

You’d think Seunggi and Sugeun were co-MCing this event for Shin Seung Hoon!

Aw, totally holding his own with these older guys!  Loves it!

Also guesting and performing…

Indie band, 10cm.

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann for all your hard work!!!! Your translations are always very much appreciated. I always love hearing how much love he gets from his Sunbaenims.

  2. waaa i’m so loving this ><

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