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Seunggi’s fan-service hugs, dance [2012 Zipel Asak show]

So much love and familiarity from people of all ages for Seunggi, particularly in Korea.  From little kids and teens, noonas, up through grandparents.   Female and male, families, husband-wives, boyfriend-girlfriends.  And 3 specials fans got~~~

fed AND hugged (very tightly!) by Seunggi!

These are not your everyday hugs!  Whoa~~~  So sweet with his fan service!

Fan 1 – sweet, cute hug.

Fan 2 – back hug.

Fan 3 – omo!  hug with hand stroking back of head?!?!

3-metal Asak dance time.  Omg, this fan’s got ATTITUDE!  Loves it!  LOLs

Girly, timid type fans.

Little kid fans with no fear…

Not afraid to flaunt it, no-shame fans!  Ha.  Awesome.

Boyfriend/husband fanboys!

Work it~~~!!!!

HA, Seunggi doing the 3-step Zipel Asak metal dance~~~~

Aw, why you gotta be so lovable??!!!

Images: As labeled

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One Response

  1. Love love love all those dancing fans! So much fun! And the hugs…only in my dreams…sigh…

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