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Seunggi talks voting and hopes for the next Korean president

* Updated with NECPR video *

Awesome Making Video with a brief, thoughtful Q & A with Honorary Ambassador Seunggi on his wishes for the next president and why it’s important to vote.

(video: necpr)

Watch vimeo video of NEC Honorary Ambassador Filming BTS Video at Tryp96

And Dear political hacks and press trying to stir up sleazy politics, and who don’t  seem to understand basic arithmetic~~

Lee Seunggi was previously appointed Honorary Ambassador for the Lottery Commission and participated in commercial, promotional, and community activities for 2 straight years.  He was such a great fit and did such a good job in this role, he was kept on for the second year!  And just like the previous CF models before him, and the current CF model, Seunggi was paid for his endorsement activities which he threw himself fully into.  The reason his total fee amount is greater than the others is because he served for 2 years, compared to 1 year for the others!  Basic arithmetic!  So please be ethical and don’t try to mislead people.  That’s SO uncool!  Koreans aren’t that stupid!

And don’t single out Lee Seunggi.  That’s just lame.  Many celebs with nation-wide appeal images receive a fee to invest their time and energy in various campaigns.  There are a handful of cases in which they do not.  Hm, let’s see…  for example, Lee Seunggi’s recent appointment as Honorary Ambassador for the National Election Commission’s 18th Presidential Election campaign for a clean, fair election… He is serving in this role at no cost.  Thus, the reason he is only appearing as the main online ambassador, and not in the TV CF versions (confirmed by an inquiry to his management and NEC representatives).

Unlike some other stars, Lee Seunggi does not feel it necessary to put out a press release or give public interviews every other day to talk about his private affairs with anyone who will listen.  He goes about his own personal business and lets that speak for itself.  For example, on Nov 15, the day some very pathetic people decided to play politics and put out misleading information about Seunggi’s fees for his public service endorsements, guess what he was doing that day~~~???

He was volunteering and helping to prepare kimchi all day long with a community mom group and delivering these to the less fortunate.

More photos from Seunggi’s appointment as online Honorary Ambassador for the 18th Presidential Election campaign for a clear, fair election posted at National Election Commission blog.  Please~~ let there really be a clean and fair election!

Images: DCLSG, NEC

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3 Responses

  1. Well justified! Great posting and the Korean political rumor-mongers who sow discord should be sued for defamation and publishing untrue facts –

  2. Ann, thank you for this great post! I don’t know why people always have to play dirty politics, and why they just HAVE to drag SeungGi, the celebrity with the cleanest image, into their game?! Really, shame on them!

    • Yeah really shame on those people! Leave him alone you fellow irritating Nutsie Paparazzis!! Entertainers are working their butt off to earn a living and you are going around trying to destroy their rice bowls to earn your own rice bowls! Leave our Seung Gi and also the other celebrities alone! Especially Seung Gi! He has enough of stress and work to handle. Pfft… Yea agree that they should be sued for defamation!

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