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KB renews endorsement contracts with Seunggi & Kim Yuna for 2013 – Most banks “change all endorsement models”

Entertainment News [October 29, 2012] Kim Yuna and Lee Seunggi’s heartwarming encounter gained a lot of attention. The two recently filmed a CF together for which they both have been participating in as endorsement models. After having filmed separately, they appeared a bit awkward when coming together and seems like they couldn’t even make eye contact! After breaking out into laughter a few times, they were able to wrap things up with a hi-five. Often referred to as Nation’s siblings, seeing the two of them together is great and heartwarming.

English: LSGfan, video: vakaala

Most banks “change all endorsement models”
English: LSGfan via Hankook Ilbo

[October 25, 2012] Many banks that employed top endorsement models are one by one changing their models or halting use altogether.  Despite using top models, many banks haven’t reaped significant commercial effects or benefits and with the current state of the economy, many companies are trying to reduce costs where they can.

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