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S. Korean Presidential Election’s Ambassador Lee Seunggi: ‘As a citizen of our Nation, I feel honored’

Presidential Election in the U.S. today!¬† Peoples~ listen to South Korea’s Honorary Ambassador and upstanding-model-entertainer-in-chief¬† Seunggi Lee~~ VOTE!!

Lee Seunggi appeared to support clear, fair elections.
The appointment of Online Honorary Ambassador for Clean, Fair Elections.
October 31, 2012. National Election Commission headquarters.

LSG: Upon hearing that I had become an honorary ambassador, I was very happy. And thinking of the weightiness of a presidential election, apart from being an entertainer, as a citizen of our nation, I feel honored.

As much as I am an ambassador model, I hope there will be a historical number of votes… (Applause!) So that the National Election Commission can hear that they did a good job in choosing a model! (LOL) I will show a lot of interest and be active, so I hope you will show a lot of support. Thank you

English: LSGfan, video: necpr

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