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Seunggi sings ‘Losing my Mind’ for Jakarta, Indonesia fans

Finally~~!!!  Been dying for him to perform his My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST song!  um, since Hook never includes the popular song in his performance line-ups (ugh).  Indonesia fans~~~ you are SO freaking jjang!  The awesome energy and crazy fangirling during the mini-concert is incomparable… even leaving Korean fans in awe in their comments!  Can’t wait to see more goodies~~!!!  ♫ ♪ Oh baby…

(video: isshundemo)

Wahhh~~~ one of my fave parts.  the ending where Seunggi spins while singing!  Aw, so much love and screaming.  Great set up of the stage so the fans in the front are really close to him and he can take in the fan love and energy!  @0:23~ Wahhh.

(video: L Bella)

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5 Responses

  1. Hahaha! I was so taken aback when I saw the clip – you could literally feel the hot hot hot vibes coming off the frantic fans. And I thought back to all those comments (on your blog) left by fans after they watched MGIG like months/years? after it was broadcast in Korea. It gives me goosebumps to think now they finally heard the OST sung live for them by Tae-Woong!!! Totally amazing!

  2. Hi Ann, I attended the fan meeting and while I was waiting for the photo session, surprisingly his cody came to stand next to me. We had I brief talk. I don’t really remember words by words because I also had to use body language.

    Me : Seems like I know you,,,(I was hesitate since the cody is better in real person hahaha) Ah,,you are Seunggi’s cody right?
    Cody : (He’s a little bit confused for a second) I am his stylish.
    Me : Why do you like to perm his hair? (I did some body language to explain Seunggi’s hair problems).
    Cody : He wants (laughing).
    Me : Really??
    Cody : (Nodded, still laughing and went to the back stage)

    Nevertheless, even with his style issues, Seunggi is still our Prince Charming for us, AIREN ^^

  3. Ann, sorry…this time I’m thanking to cody, since he was so so handsome this time hahaha

    As windmill, I also had brief talk with him, and..humm..he apparently doesn’t speak in english ^^;. He was surprised too that we know him ㅋㅋㅋ~

    His outfit for the FM is daebak, and..hehehe..he is so attentive, my seat is really close to him, 3 rows from the stage, with so close distance, and EXACTLY in my row. I talk to him along the fanmeet (practically I’m talking to my self, but he seem to heard that^^), like when he was asked by the MC what is the best moment, I said “kissing”*gesturing flying kiss* he seem surprised and says: “Kiss?”, OMO…he heard me LOL

    It’s an unforgettable night for me, really, a dream come true

    • Hi Ann,
      yeah, I met the stylish too..and since he doesn’t speak english
      so, I said to him like : Seung Gi bory…andwei poqul poqul… ha ha ha ( with my hand and body language )…the stylish crack up a laughter and he keep running away from me…hhhh
      but I keep trying to find him when Seung Gi come up,
      geez, I just let Seung Gi go and stalking his stylist
      aargh….I suppose to grab the stylist
      He’s so closeeeeeee but keep running away when sees me
      this is wrong, now my attention is always looking for the guy with glasess

  4. So happy for all the fans who were there! LOVE LOVE LOVE this this raw clip of the fans singing along Losing my Mind with Seunggi! It’s about time. Lets hope Hook will line up some more exciting songs like that for future performances!

    I’m so not surprised by Cody/Stylist’s reaction. Like I said before, I seriously now believe that Captain Hook and Cody live in a bubble and are completely clueless. They’ve done so many amazing things for Seunggi, but they are so out of their league in taking him to the next level in an increasingly competitive and rough industry… unless, they make take on some drastic changes in mindset and marketing.

    And sadly… after seeing the official poster they put out for his December concert in Seoul… *sigh sigh sigh*

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