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Seunggi MCs lyric-dance games, hugs with Malaysia fans

This is WHY Seunggi is SO awesome!  And why I’ll forever admire him!  Such a pro.  Such a great attitude. He’s basically MCing this part.  And despite the SAME song being played(!), he just rolls with the punches.  Omg, I think the girls on stage were just super nervous because the fans were yelling out the lyrics, and yet they still didn’t get it.  Hehe.  LOLing at Seunggi shushing the fans!  So cute.  Rewards them by blowing kiss @3:08~~!!!  Malyasia fans deserve SO much credit for supporting Seunggi to the max, despite an organizer that was a little out of its league.  Malaysia Airens~~ really daebak! You can tell how much Seunggi appreciates, loves the fans!

(video: leeseunggisingapore)

Whoa~~~  LSG: I love you so much…  Acckkkkk.

  (video: RACHEL RIRI)

Teacher Seunggi mode~ whoa, nervous. Trying to meet perfectionist Seunggi’s expectations!  Ha.  He is just too awesome, interacting so naturally with fans!  And hugs all around for everyone.  He’s a ‘huggy’ person, but not excessively, which I like.  Tells me he’s grown up with lotsa love!  If I brought a guy like him home, my parents would be so very happy! hehe.

(video: JandaChomot)

Aw, even teasing some of the girls.  But back-hug ultimately goes to @1:25. So cute.

(video: RACHEL RIRI)

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3 Responses

  1. Nice…am one of the 6 lucky airen..I wish I can rewind back the time so that I can answer “No” when he asked “Do u like dancing?” so that he also can focus on me (Lol)…but its okay, still get hug from him…

  2. soo jelous..i wish i’m one of the lucky fans..but its ok even can’t get hug from him still can watch him perform live..
    Malaysia airens daebakkk =D

  3. Ann, I totally agreed with you. He is so amazing at turning around unfavorable situation and putting people at ease. Great attitude, great talent. hat’s why we’ll forever love him!

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