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Lee Seunggi – Malaysia fan meeting snapshots ②

All-black ensemble #2.  Oooh, nice!  Like this structured style more than ensemble #1

Why do I love this photo~~~???!!!!  Hehe. Is he screaming or singing?!

Ooooh, outfit even better after taking the jacket off!

Love the t-shirt under semi-formal tailored button down look!

And yay to All-Black!  This was my ultimate fave outfit!

but Hello~~~~

another layer off with just the fitted t-shirt is just as niiiice~~~!!!

OMFG~~~!!!!! Whoa….

Seunggi seriously oooozing major hot manly charm while singing his heart out!!

I like I like.

Loving the passionate enthusiasm and energy!

the HAIR~~~~ hehehe.


Wahhhh…….  usually I hate it when guys do the lip bite thing…

but this is too hawt~~!!  Why so cute and sexy at the same time??!!

Some regular aspects of LSG fan meetings…

1) Re-enactment of the Brilliant Legacy bike ride.

Whoa~~~ her hands!  LSG’s expression = priceless!!!!

2) Seunggi able to MC his own event brilliantly despite the language barriers!

Going all perfectionist, teacher mode! Hehe.  (I’m just like him, so I can relate!)

3) Adorable Seunggi FAN kids…..

Aw, these kids are just TOO cute!  He must’ve loved seeing them!

Probably extra brownie points from LSG for the fans who brought the kids~~!!!

Images: As labeled

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One Response

  1. herm, after he took off all the layers and just wear the black fitted t-shirt.. *cough cough hi there,.. *cough cough Mr.Muscle <3

    whatever happened during press con in Malaysia, i just wanted to close my eyes and open them wide for the fan meeting as well as the press con and fm in Indonesia! such daebak events!

    thank you Lsgfan for sharing! i don't have time to look at all the pics and vids posted everywhere, but hey, can't miss you well-organized posts! thank a lot!

    and a bit dissapointed, why i have to be here in States when Lee Seung Gi is coming to my country. why oh why?! ~ TT^TT

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