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Lee Seunggi – Malaysia fan meeting snapshots ①

[November 1-2] Fashion/Style ► Incheon, Korea Airport (Kolon Sport winter vest jacket) ► Radio Interview (way too relaxed college student-ish) ►  Press Conference (popular military jacket style) ► Fan Meeting (All-black, black-white concept)  ► and some HOT messy hair (minus the inexplicable center-part!) to go along with it all~~~

More full-set photo albums at:






Departing Incheon Airport, Korea in gorgeous colorful blue/green Kolon Sport winter vest jacket.  Pro-bono advertising from Kolon Sport’s endorsement model. Hehe.

His varied collection of high-end designer socks for guys… always love it!

Nice pairing of casual outdoorsy outfit with signature LV travel bag (carried by Manager-nim).  But that fan gift bag… Teenie Weenie?! Um, so not true. Ha. Sorry!

Dang, Dispatch is always everywhere!  And they still can’t find any dirt on LSG!

Press Conference.  great slim look. love the shoes. everything.

but something about the vibe seems sorta off… Seunggi’s eyes, expression…?

Next day. Fan sign event. Whew~~ the usual smile, eyes have returned!

He wears white shirts so often… such an effin shame the shirts are never form-fitted!

Rehearsal. Nice wintry casual look. More t-shirts please!!!

Fan Meeting.  All-black ensemble #1. Yay for loosened buttons at the top!!!!





Hot. Hot. Hot.

So cute! Hehehe.

Fan Meeting. Black-white tuxedo shirt with french cuffs.  pearl(?) cufflinks.  Classy.

Wahh~~~~~ I’m laughing too. don’t even know why!

Images: As labeled

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One Response

  1. Now after realize what happened, I want to cry too…
    I want to comfort malaysian airen, they’ve done so much…they must be the one who hurt the most *hugs them*

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