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Seunggi shows off ‘Damn! I love Indonesia’ t-shirt gift

[Nov. 3, 2012] Seunggi with Mulyawan Munial, founder/CEO of Munial Sport Group, at his Indonesia press conference.  twitter@mulymunial has a pretty impressive resume (just like our Seunggi!).  MBA in Australia and has done time in management at the high-profile IMG.  Hope he and his people have some great stuffs on tap for Sunday!  Love the t-shirt gift idea!  Great photo-op!

Looking forward to more goodies from twitter@GoKpopID and twitter@kpopnesia!

(video: AirenVideo)

Reminds me of the Singapore press conference set-up…  nice~~~

Especially LOVE the gorgeous white furniture set! (LSG backdrop too, of course!)

So Hook’s rationale for Seunggi’s recent ongoing big-roller permed hair purgatory was… he’s growing out his hair for his upcoming drama?!  Wow, then BongKu magic can make his hair look like this in a matter of hours!  Ha.  (but I liked the messy hot hair in Malaysia, that is, minus that inexplicable center hair-part!)

Hope Seunggi and twitter@FromAirenIndo have an AWEsome time on Sunday~~!!

Images: Twitter, As labeled

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