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MC Mong’s (recent?) twitter status says he’s not in hiding

Aw, MC Mong (recently?) updated his twitter status.  Sorta cryptic, but seems more hopeful than anything else~~  Mong~~ Fighting!!!  All the love and suffering from our 1N2D guys for years and years, to bring laughs and tears all over Korea and viewers world-wide.  huhuhu.  Will never ever forget that.  The 1N2D boys were my total drug addiction (the good kind!) and solace during some super duper stressful times.  Still holding out for a much anticipated reunion with all our beloved guys… one day.

Images: DCLSG, Naver

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14 Responses

  1. I miss him so much! Really hope that he will come back one day!
    Oh, how I wish they would have a special 1n2d episode with all the original old members: Seung Gi, Ho Dong, Mong, Kim C, Su Guen, Ji Won. Jong Min… TT ^ TT
    They will allways be in our memories, our beloved 1n2d members.

    • If they did, the old members would outshine the current ones with their genuine camaraderie n fun. I’m sure the current PD knows this, so I don’t think its gonna happen.

      • Yeah, a reunion on 1n2d season 2 is very unlikely. I’m hoping for The 3 Idiots actually with Suguen, Jiwon and Jongmin as the casts and former 1n2d writer and pd behind it. Hopefully one day when Mongie is ready to return to showbiz, they could guest together on any show…

      • I actually meant 1N2D reunion of members, not on the current show, but on another talk show… like Hodong’s reboot of MBC Kneecap/Kneedrop Guru! I wouldn’t want them as guests on the current show, only because they really don’t have deep connections to the current show, minus Sugeun, and to some degree Jongmin and Taewoong.

        To me, personally (just me, not saying for everyone else), 1N2D is the long periods when Mong, Hodong, Jiwon, Kim C, Seunggi, Sugeun (and Sangeunie, PD Na, other PDs, and the amazing Korean people they met during their trips were altogether on, the glory days of simple fun, 30% ratings, and Nation’s MC Hodong’s leadership.

        It’s nothing against the new 1N2D. haven’t seen a single episode so I can’t comment. But I didn’t watch 1N2D and then grew to like the guys. But I first started watching b/c I liked Seunggi and then fell in love with the show and the boys.

        Praying that we see reunion of our 1N2D boys on one of Hodong’s new shows!!! Just for interview/talk. not a new variety show, per se. Their moment in time with 1N2D was magical, and I admire all of them for being able to step out and move on, taking those lasting memories with them to create new ones in life!

  2. i feel sorry about him.. he quit entertainer..
    i hope seunggi doesn’t hide his military force

  3. me too missing the good ole days of 1n2d…

  4. I miss these people… together T_T

  5. Hihi LSGfan :)

    Do you think he’s able to participate in showbiz activities yet again? I miss this guy loads, besides being warmhearted (especially to Seung Gi on ‘1n2d’), he’s also talented, humorous and quirky. Personally, I think it’s a loss to showbiz…

  6. Thanks for the Mongie news. Hope he’ll really come out and be on the shows. Korea shouldn’t hinder such talent and warm heartedness. I love the way he loves Seung gi. Mong fighting !

  7. in the 2nd pic, did Seung Gi fall asleep holding on Mong’s arm?

  8. which epi did the 2d1n shows them playing snooker? pls advise. I dont rem watching that… thanks

  9. I miss MC Mong so much.
    Does he know we are all waiting for him & his beautiful music?
    Does he know we thank him, for all those laughters he gave us!
    Does he even know he made me laugh?
    That he made my bad days less bad?
    He should know he gave us so much,
    so much more than what he thinks (or what unfair criticisms say)
    he ever owed us.

    Dear MC Mong,
    We want you to stay strong. Whether you come back to entertainment world or not, we want you in good health & happy.

  10. i only got to know mong few weeks ago through 1N2D and I got few of his songs now. He was awesome on the show and well I hope he will be back in the entertainment one day.

  11. They are my favorite men in the world..seunggi,jiwon,hodong,sugeun,kim c,jongmin and mc mong please comeback to variety togetherness..i think the fans of 1n2d season 1 miss you all a lots

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