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MC Mong’s (recent?) twitter status says he’s not in hiding

Aw, MC Mong (recently?) updated his twitter status.  Sorta cryptic, but seems more hopeful than anything else~~  Mong~~ Fighting!!!  All the love and suffering from our 1N2D guys for years and years, to bring laughs and tears all over Korea and viewers world-wide.  huhuhu.  Will never ever forget that.  The 1N2D boys were my total drug addiction (the good kind!) and solace during some super duper stressful times.  Still holding out for a much anticipated reunion with all our beloved guys… one day.

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Seunggi shows off ‘Damn! I love Indonesia’ t-shirt gift

[Nov. 3, 2012] Seunggi with Mulyawan Munial, founder/CEO of Munial Sport Group, at his Indonesia press conference.  twitter@mulymunial has a pretty impressive resume (just like our Seunggi!).  MBA in Australia and has done time in management at the high-profile IMG.  Hope he and his people have some great stuffs on tap for Sunday!  Love the t-shirt gift idea!  Great photo-op!

Looking forward to more goodies from twitter@GoKpopID and twitter@kpopnesia!

(video: AirenVideo)

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Seunggi’s top all-black look from the Malaysia fan meeting

[November 2, 2012] Loving all the pics from the Malaysia fan meeting!  Can’t wait to pick all my faves!  He did a lot of all-black!  Yay~~~~!!!!  Kudos to Malay Airens for showing lots of super duper love and support, despite less than optimal conditions.  Hope he got some rest as he arrives in Indonesia for his next stop… in a few minutes!  Indo Airens must be so excited~~~!!!  Can’t wait to see all the pics!

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