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Lee Seunggi – Lee Seojin for November’s Vogue Japan

Hyung-Dongseng bromance for this month’s Vogue Japan.  Seunggi always looks so great in simple, stylish, mono-color, tailored (neck exposing elongating) tops and pretty side-part hair… and his trademark megawatt charming smile!  So sad that Hook+Cody+Hairstylist are the only ones on the planet who don’t get it.  Huhuhu.  So natural, simple and stunning in black top…

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Lee Seunggi officially appointed as Honorary Ambassador for 18th South Korean presidential election campaign

[October 31] National Election Commission (NEC) headquarters.  Ceremony to commemorate the NEC’s official launch of the 18th Presidential Election public service campaign, promoting clean, fair elections and instructions for voting.  Seunggi was officially appointed and awarded as the honorary ambassador for the 18th Presidential Election online campaign.  NEC Deputy Secretary General Moon Sang Bu and top senior executives from the big three online portal sites (Naver, Daum, Nate) also attended the event.  Seunggi’s top image as Korea’s resident upstanding, uhm-chin-ah star is perfect for this clean, fair election campaign!  So proud of him~!!

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