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Gaon Digital Chart [2012.11.18-24]~~ #1 Lee Seunggi

Seunggi’s Return at #1.  And ALL his mini-album songs at #12, #21, #32.
Congrats! Gaon Digital Weekly Chart video cut for the top 30~~~~~

[#32 Seunggi: Invitation to Me], @3:20~ #21 Seunggi: Words that I love you
@5:58~ #12 Seunggi: Forest, @9:11~ #1 Seunggi: Return

(video: krungpopwendy01)

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Billboard K-pop Hot 100 [2012.11.21-27]~~ #1 Lee Seunggi

Seunggi’s Return at #1.  And ALL his mini-album songs at~ #9, #10, #21.  Congrats!

Like seeing the entire Billboard Weekly Top 100 video cut like this~~~  Niiiice~~

@9:11~ #21 Seunggi: Invitation to Me, @12:35~ #10 Seunggi: Forest
@12:54~ #9 Seunggi: Words that I love you, @15:13~ #1 Seunggi: Return

(video: KoreaBillboard)

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MNET Mcountdown Top 10 [2012.11.29]~~ #1 Lee Seunggi

LSG: Mcountdown viewers~! Wow, I don’t know how long it’s been since I won #1 here. Thank you so much and I’m so happy. I’ll always work hard to see you on Mcoundown next time. Thank you~~~ (kiss~~!!)

English: LSGfan, Videos: Mnet

The rest of the top 10 for the week~~~

1-Lee Seunggi, 2-Ailee, 3-Lee Hi, 4-Juniel, 5-Noel
6-Kim SungKyu, 7-Son Dambi, 8-Kim JongKook, 9-B1A4, 10-Hyuna

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Epitone Project talks “Working with Lee Seunggi was a new chapter for me”

Epitone Project “Working with Lee Seunggi, a new chapter for me too”
(Lee Yun Jung, Reporter)

English: LSGfan via Yonhap

One-person band, Epitone Project (Cha Se Jung, 28) is known as ‘Indie’s Idol.’ Despite not participating in any tv broadcasts, each of his albums have sold close to 20,000 copies and fans have stood in line to sell-out concerts. When his second full album was released last June, it garnered a great amount of buzz when it conquered the charts, beating out songs from the likes of idol groups Big Bang and Wondergirls.

Epitone Project is once again seizing the music charts. But the ‘method’ has changed. Not as singer, but producer for singer Lee Seunggi’s 5.5 mini album, Forest, which has been dominating the music charts.

On November 29, we met Epitone Project at a cafe in HapJungDong, and when asked about the “secret to popularity,” he replied, “I’m not sure” and quickly blushed and was very much like a shy young adult.

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Running Man Ep 120: Live-stream tweet recap [2012.11.18]

Special occasion – Seunggi on Running Man, something I’ve been dying to to see ever since 1N2D ended – so I couldn’t miss out on the live-stream.  Just like those 1N2D days of all of us online streaming the show real-time and spazzing over LSG cuts afterward!  Here’s a recap compilation of @LSGfan’s live-stream tweets during Running Man Ep 120 (part 1), with screencaps and gifs to make it more fun!  It’s focused on my bias~~~ Seunggi and Red Team!  Omg, I watched this episode like 5 times over 2 days!  Laughed so hard!  Seunggi IS just simply so awesome~~!!  Hilarious. Cute. Witty. Real.  Just makes us all automatically smile and laugh along…

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Running Man members + CF model Seunggi for Kolon Sport

Another reason to love Seunggi on Running Man… LSG sporting his CF endorsement brand Kolon Sport in real outdoor variety again, with the other RM members.  Great to see him back in colorful puffy winter down jackets on variety!  More behind the scenes at Kolon  Sport blog – Lee Seunggi Running Man:  Discover Kolon Sport “Hestia.”

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Model Hye Park thinks Seunggi’s song ‘Return’ is simply ♥

We can add our fave top Korean model to the list of people falling totally in love with Seunggi’s album.  After showing love for her Ideal Guy on TVN’s Taxi a while back, she’s back with a tweet showing love for his song…  Aw~~ love her even more!!

이승기 “되돌리다” 그냥.너무좋다.말이필요없다♥
Lee Seunggi’s “Return” is simply.I really like it.No need for words♥
English: LSGfan via twitter@iam_hyepark

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