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Seunggi & Psy stylish-cool and funny for Zipel Asak CFs

The featurettes and teasers are so much better than the CFs!?!  Being all super serious and cool in their chic designer suits~~ over kimchi~~ is so LOL.  Hilarious Psy and smooth Seunggi~~ Love  this video!  @0:47 Met-al!!!  Hahahaha.

The 3-step metal dance special video~~~ Hehehehe~~~

Featurettes, teasers had so much energy, glamor, funny.  And the actual televised CF seems downright… blah!  Especially compared to the daebak Zipel CF teaser.  Huhu.  Come on Zipel, cut out a new CF version from the awesome suited up video!

Videos: DrMariee/Sinbustory

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