Seunggi instructs how to vote in Presidential Election [ENG]

*** updated with ENG-subbed video ***

(video: ENGrapport/Twitter@Vakaala) Awesome~~ thx!

This S. Korean presidential election will be so important. Come on, especially younger peoples, show up to vote!  Honorary Ambassador Seunggi explains the dos and dont’s, what to expect at the voting site… He’s so perfect for this PSA campaign!~

National Election Commission campaign
How to vote

Hello, I’m Lee Seunggi. Did you know our nation’s 18th presidential election is on December 19, 2012? Just as voting is precious to each citizen, we need to know the proper way to vote. So, would you like to find out with me?

Voting for the presidential election will take place from 6am to 6pm. Anyone 19 and older, and with Korean citizenship, can vote. You can find your voting location on the voting notice or through the election homepage, mobile homepage, or election call center.  When you go to vote, you must bring your identification card. The card must include your photo and official identification number that can be verified.  Now, should we find out how to vote?

At the voting site, after you present your identification card, you need to provide your signature. Then take your ballot into the voting booth. Once inside, vote for one candidate and mark the ballot. Lastly, place your ballot into the voting box and voting is complete.

These days, a lot of people upload and share a snapshot of from the voting site through SNS. While a simple snapshot is possible, taking a photo in the voting booth, taking a photo of the ballot, or taking a photo with the candidates visible in the background are prohibited, so please abide by this.

To find out more details about voting, please visit the election homepage and mobile homepage, and the 18th presidential election public relations site.

On December 19, 2012, see you all at the voting booth~
Clean, fair elections. This is the face of South Korea.

English: LSGfan, video: yoojangseon

Wow, I’m learning lots about the S. Korean election process through Honorary Ambassador Seunggi!  Hope they filmed a lot of video features!

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  1. I kinda love the last line: “This is the face of South Korea.” Double meaning for the fair election campaign + LSG as ambassador. ;)

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