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Seunggi shoots, does jumpball for KB Stars basketball game

[October 18, 2012] KB Stars womens’ basketball game.  Seunggi tossed up the ceremonial jumpball and demonstrated his basketball shooting skills as part of the festivities!  Whoa, pressure!  Love guys who have bball skills!  Will never forget uber competitive Seunggi shooting the basketball in the rain on 1N2D for hours on end to get indoor sleeping rights for him and his hyungs!  So of course, he’d get the ball in for the KB game.  Pride was on the line!  (Ha Jiwon is the endorsement model for the opposing team sponsored by KEB!  Hehe)~~~

He looks nervous! Ha. But so majorly competitive!!!

Ooooh~~~ Great shooting form!  Great release follow through…

Both hands are still in shooting and release form after he shoots!  Ha, hanging out with guys who live and breathe bball really taught me some useful stuffs!

Nice kicks, Seunggi! He loves his Nikes.

Aw, but he missed on his first attempt… talk about pressure~~~~

with everyone watching!  His expressions say it all!!!

Hehe, but love his reaction despite the miss~~

Cannot believe the miss!!!

Love how he was like one more try and went confidently right into the second attempt!

Not all swish.  He used the backboard.  But it went it, that’s all that matters!  Yay~~!!!

Brimming with confidence AND humility~~!! Not an easy combo!  I like I like!

LSG’s like~~~ Yeah, I know. I’m AWE-some!!!  (LOL. Loves it!)

OMG, a fistbump!?!  So cool and hip.  So unlike typical Seunggi!  Ha.

With a mic, talking in front of people… now that’s typical Seunggi~~~


OMG is he coaching the KB team?! He could pass as their coach!

He takes his ceremonial jump ball toss very seriously~~


Oooh, love this shot…

More ceremonial stuffs…

Really, Seunggi’s the only one with a tucked in shirt?!  Even among ajusshis?!?  Oy.

Seunggi sitting in the KB Financial Group VIP box…

with the KB suits, or more like fanboy ajusshis!  Hehe.


always so classic and daebak~~~

Hehe.  He always seems really conscientious of his hair!

So I don’t get why he let’s Hairstylist get away with a terrible dos so many times!

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy but here’s my number, so call me baby~~~

hahahaha.  Who’s he directing this to?!?


Images:  As labeled, DCLSG

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4 Responses

  1. Ann, thank you sooo very much. :)

    Is the jumpball toss picture playing tricks on me or am I just biased?? Correct me if I’m wrong but looks like the #1 in pink is looking at SeungGi’s face, not at the ball. LOL She probably can’t resist SeungGi’s charm and is mesmerized! :) That’s why KB team got the ball I think. Hehehe

    • Hehe. Yeah, couldn’t help but to notice the smiles from the girls on the court. :)

      I’m SO glad Seunggi’s team, KB, won. Watching your team lose, especially live, is depressing!

      and SO relieved he made the basket! :) Really love these photos from the event! And very curious who he’s doing the ‘call me baby’ signal to!!??!!

  2. “Seunggi’s the only one with a tucked in shirt?! Even among ajusshis?!? Oy.”

    I sooo second that but why do I find that part of him cute too… haha~

  3. Thanks Ann, for doing this stuff for us.. Love your comment in every pics..hahaha.. Love the call me call out… soo cute >.<

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