Seunggi shoots, does jumpball for KB Stars basketball game

[October 18, 2012] KB Stars womens’ basketball game.  Seunggi tossed up the ceremonial jumpball and demonstrated his basketball shooting skills as part of the festivities!  Whoa, pressure!  Love guys who have bball skills!  Will never forget uber competitive Seunggi shooting the basketball in the rain on 1N2D for hours on end to get indoor sleeping rights for him and his hyungs!  So of course, he’d get the ball in for the KB game.  Pride was on the line!  (Ha Jiwon is the endorsement model for the opposing team sponsored by KEB!  Hehe)~~~

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Seunggi & Yuna laugh on KB Financial/Bank CF filming set

Ha, Seunggi such a prince AND very much boy-next-door!  He and Yuna are too cute in this video!  I think he goes all big brother – little sister whenever he films with Yuna.

@0:14 Yuna so playful! @0:18 Seunggi so serious! Ha.
@0:23 Seunggi doing acoustic guitar! Aw.
@0:50 Yuna always so candid and funny!
@1:15 Seunggi and Yuna practicing hi-five and LOLing~~  Love it. Love them both.

(video: AirenVideo)

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Seunggi & Minjung outdoorsy glam for F/W 2012 Kolon Sport

Original photo prints posted at Kolon Sport facebook F/W Down Collection album.  Can’t get enough of these photos!!  Seunggi – Minjung both look ‘smoking hot!’  Great way to showcase their Down Collection… outdoorsy stylish casual wear with glamor mixed in.  Female fashion can’t help but be way more interesting than male stuffs~ I would so wear all of Minjung’s outfits! Hope there’s a making video to go with this!  There’s sorta a common concept matching the LSG and LMJ looks into pair sets…

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