Seunggi does winter Kolon Sport downtown for InStyle insert

Kolon Sport ‘Let’s Go Downtown’ fashion collection booklet packaged with InStyle’s November issue.  Woah~~~  is Seunggi sporting black eyeliner???!!! Hmm, not sure how to feel about that, but…  I LOOOVE this look~~~!!  Chic hair, sharp suit paired with outdoorsy jacket and laced boots!  So hot!  Wahhhhhh.  I wanna cry because I’m so fashion glee happy.  Please let this be a sign of things to come for the rest of the year and into next year…

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Seunggi & Yuna sing hope for new KB Financial Group CF

[October 2012] Aw, this has such a great hopeful, inspiring feel!  Love that Seunggi (and Yuna) sang the song for the CF.  Just love them together in the KB CFs~~!!

Song: Lee Seung Gi, Kim Yuna

KB continues to change. An even greater strength to young people.
Providing even more opportunities. Ah ah ah ah. More successes together.
If Kookmin’s (nation’s people) tomorrow…
Becomes a hope. Becomes a dream.
KB will never stop.
Dream. Tomorrow. Hope.
Grow and grow more. Kookmin.
KB Financial Group, KB Kookmin Bank.

(Video: seunggiairen, English: LSGfan)

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Seunggi practices golf swing, cheers with Kim Yuna for KB Finanical Group in Korean broadcast of British Open

(video: seunggiairen)

[September 2012]  Korean broadcast of 2012 Women’s British Open.  KB Financial Group sponsorship featuring Seunggi and Yuna.

Seunggi + one of my fave sports!  Well, more my parents’ fave sport!  His talk about picking up golf in his InStyle interview seems to have paid off!  He’s showcasing pretty good form and swing, but his follow-through after hitting the ball could use some work!  Ha, those virtual golf practice things are so cool.

But OMG~~~ what’s with his jump at the end!  I’ve never seen that kind of reaction after a drive!  Would’ve preferred a more manly, cool, subtle reaction?!  But KB seems to love its long-running ‘Nation’s younger brother and sister’ concept…

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