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Seunggi advocates for children (for third straight year) in 2012 Pizza Hut World Hunger Relief campaign

Reminder to self – stop by Pizza Hut and support World Hunger Relief.  Always so touched by the way Seunggi speaks from the heart about stuff that really matters…

LSG: Hi, I’m Korea Pizza Hut endorsement model Lee Seunggi.  My encounter with the World Hunger Relief campaign… it’s already my third year, and there are still so many young friends around the world who are suffering because they are hungry.  1 out of 7 children in the world struggle to have a daily meal and it’s really heartbreaking.

Korea Pizza Hut will be using profits from sales of the WHR Sampler to support children who are hungry through the United Nations World Food Program.  Every time you order the WHR Sampler, five children who are suffering will be able to have hearty daily meals. So I hope many of you will take part in this. Together with family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, have a good time at Pizza Hut, and through the WHR Sampler, you can share your love with children who are suffering from hunger.

One more thing, there are various World Hunger Relief campaign events happening on Pizza Hut facebook right now. Together with your friends, I hope you can enjoy in the sharing and hope with children across the world. Love beSIDE You. Sharing and giving starts with our small acts of love.

(English: LSGfan, video: Seunghwa Seok)

Enewsworld: Lee Seung Gi Takes Part in Pizza Hut’s Hunger-Free Campaign

Nice video of Pizza Hut Australia visit to Laos from slicesofhope.pizzahut.com/whr/

(video: fromhungertohope)

Seunggi at the Pizza Hut World Hunger Relief campaign event, September 26, 2012…

Images: Naver, DCLSG, As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. Warm and sincere (and handsome!) Seung Gi is the best ambassador for corporate charity work!

    • can’t agree more! :) he makes me searching for what US pizza hut is doing and i’ll make time to go to the nearest branch

  2. I know right?! The good stuffs Seunggi advocates… makes me want to share and give more than I’m doing right now. Hope everyone does their part and hits a Pizza Hut! or participates in some hunger relief event this month!

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