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Kolon Sport F/W never ever disappoints [2012 CF + Making]

Kolon Sport fall/winter CFs are never ever a letdown!  They continue to do such great marketing, concept branding…  refreshing music, gorgeous backdrop, Seunggi’s smile @0:24~~~!!!  Super excited for winter!  Can’t wait to hit the slopes this season!

CF Making: Kolon Sport F/W 2012 Collection.  All the laughing @0:24 @0:35 @0:45 – like it!  Hope they can still work together (even after Minjung eventually weds LBH!)

What Seunggi and Minjung had to say about the F/W clothes…

@1:10 – LMJ: Actually, males aren’t the only ones who wear outdoor clothes. Women work out a lot too, and even if they don’t, they tend to wear a lot of casual outdoor clothes these days. So I wanted to show that this isn’t just for guys. There’s a strong advanced and design feel to the clothes. A fashionable feel that you’re in regular wear clothes even if not working out. Everyone, have a wonderful warm fall/winter with Kolon Sport fall/winter collection together with me, Minjung.

@2:00 – LSG: Because Kolon Sport did such a great job making the clothes, I was practically sweating while wearing the down pants during the filming. They were really warm and great. I sense this each time, but the clothes have become increasingly stylish. From the consumer perspective, things such as this patchwork feel new and refreshing. Rather than a style worn solely for trekking, but when heading out of the house on a regular cold day, putting on a t-shirt and down jacket works great. With such nice designs, personally, it feels great as a model.

(English: LSGfan, Videos:  Kolonsport)

Can’t wait to see the official Kolon Sport F/W collection fashion shoot pics.

Reminds me of Daewoong and Miho’s memory photobook…

Hoi Couple still so memorable to me…  Cutest chemistry couple ever.  huhuhu.

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  1. What a great job Kolon Sport has done in almost everything, including overseas marketing! (Did you see that huge banner in a shopping mall in China?) I love the burnt orange jacket LMJ wears! Just hope they cut more CFs out of the NZ footage.

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