Hoping for a new, fresh, different side of Seunggi this fall…

We miss Seunggi~~~

Hope that a super fresh, new, and different side of him is in the works…

and that we’ll get to see that side during his fall/winter activities…

And… Happy to re-open LSGfan again.

Hope one month was sufficient…

Ongoing traumatic stress (caused by H**k and C**y) is not easy to treat!

Thanks to all the awesome fans for continuing to share the Seunggi news and love!

Rooting for our sweet, amazing, deserving guy… all the time… Always.

Image: Naver

26 Responses

  1. I miss you too, thanks that you’re back :D

  2. welcome back, ann. everyone miss you! *hugs*

  3. Yeah!!:0) I miss the good news this webpage provided on prince Sung Gi. Love this website. Good to see Ur back in business! I am more than ready for latest updates on adorable LSG:D blessing 2U all of U:-)

  4. *hugs Ann*
    Thank you for coming back, your blog is my favorite ever since I knew Seung Gi

  5. Thanks, you are back :)


  7. what a great day,one of my favorite blogs,is back! was really excited when i see your update this morng inmy mailbox.you and tryp are really a breath of fresh air for eng speaking(im actually a turkish nuna fan) Seung Gi lovers^^ hug you Ann and dont let miss you again so long:)

  8. we all seunggi fans missed you.all this while missing your beautiful articles and spicy news of LSG.pllz do continue like this.you are the best and thanks for everything……………

  9. Love you, Ann!
    Now that’s a picture I’ve never seen before! Was it Hong Kong? Anyway, thanks for coming back to us. We need you!!!

  10. We miss you. Welcome back!

  11. Welcome back, Ann. *tears
    I keep checking your blog to read your posts. Thank you for coming back. I hope H**k and C**y won’t give you stress anymore.
    Miss you so much.^^

  12. Ann ;;___;;; thank you!
    it felt like hunger games just to view your blog. im glad you reopened this!

    Fighting! Godbless! :))

  13. Sooooo very happy you are back in action😃!

  14. How does closing a website have to do anything with getting a point across?

  15. waaah! finally! the site is up again! imiss you O///O

  16. Wow! You’re back. Thank you so much. I miss you and your awesome blog! God bless you always

  17. thanks for coming back. love u

  18. Welcome back~
    Missed your saucy comments~ haha~ :)

  19. Yay, you’re back!

  20. Yay, you’re back!

  21. Wonderful, I thought what happened ;-( Great that you’re back – you know you are loved by all Seung Gi fans! Cheers!

  22. welcome back eonni :D
    i really miss reading your blog. haha

  23. Welcome back, Ann!
    I miss you so much. .^^~ *hug*

  24. Glad you’re back…miss all your witty comments. Wishing you all the best!

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