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Two sides of Lee Seunggi at Taiwan fan meeting [2012.09.02]

Charismatic hot ‘Slave’ singing Lee Seunggi


Cute sweet smiling laughing Lee Seunggi

(videos: 믿고보는 이승기)

Return of ALL black~~~~  Yay!  Niiice!

But what’s up with the big pineapple brooch?!  Does it signify something?!

Whoa~~~~~~!!!!!!  much better without vest and distracting pineapple!!!

(but, why the x-large size, Cody?!  Tailored, fitted shirts come in stretch material!)

Wish this awesome jacket was tailored at cropped length rather than long with tails…

but it’s not x-large ajusshi fit (like no way Cody!!!), so can’t complain! Looking great!

Aw, lucky fan!  Love her big smile!  Bike rides a now a staple of every fan meet?!

Another lucky fan!!  Love it when Seunggi laughs big like this!

So beautiful and contagious!  Makes me happy!

Aw, why you gotta be so cute???!!!!

Seunggi’s fashion and hair evolve and get better with each fan meeting and trip!  Ha.

Gives me hope for the next time we see Seunggi on his next trip abroad!!!!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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4 Responses

  1. During the fan meet, because the audience was so responsive, at one point Seung Gi was talking about something (in Korean of course) and looked at the audience expecting an immediate answer as he thought they all knew what he’s saying!

    Before this fan meet I did not know there were so many LSG fans, die-hard ones too, in Taiwan. Almost all the bloggers who wrote about his trip complained about how ridiculously superficial the press questions and how insultingly simple the quiz questions about SG were! Hahaha! Especially the latter, as that concerned who got to go on stage to be even closer to SG. So sweet.

    His performance at the events was top-notch. ‘Not one dull moment’ and ‘the best, most worthy fan meet ever’ were but two praises that I read. Way to go, Seung Gi! Looks like every outing you bring in more fans!

    • If many of us were die-hard fans before the FM, after the FM, I am not sure what to call ourselves – hardcore ? LSG is so addictive that I know many of his fans who didn’t think that they can make it to his concert are now going or trying very hard to go. That’s the LSG effect!!

  2. I could understand LSG’s expression..
    the song ” Slave ” is very hard to sing.. T_T
    he also missed the microphone and sing it.
    this song is so hard to sing..

    • He did not lip sync. From audience area, if you filmed yourself without professional camcorders, the rhythm could be delayed, especially when you editing the video for somethings after that.

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