Lee Soon Jae talks his play ‘Father’ and acting, shows love for the likes of Kim Myung Min, Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won…

Per twitter@MyDad2012, Seunggi and Jiwon plan to attend the September 8, 8pm showing of the play ‘Father’ starring Lee Soon Jae.  (Omg, if they show up together, Hearties will die!!!  But both aren’t grand entrance types?!  Please let them Jaeha-Hangah, at least be seated next to each other!  Sitting next to a ‘date’ in a darkened theatre for a live show is so romantic!!!  HA!  But, it really is!  I love live theatre!)

‘Father’ is an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman.’  The play ran earlier this year from April 13-29, and has an encore run from September 7-30 with Lee Soon Jae returning in the lead role.  More info at official facebook – 아버지.

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