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Seunggi in a fall mood for Heritory F/W 2012 making video

(video: HERITORY )

Music score + expressions + clothes + movement = melancholy, yet new and exciting mood, perfect for the fall season.  Really love it.  Wish we had more candid moments like @0:41-0:55.  Love the umbrella-golf club move.  Looks like he’s been practicing his form/swing @1:08-1:20!  (Ha Jiwon does similar umbrella-as-golf-club-swing in her recent CF!)  Is fall here yet?!  But super excited NYC Fashion Week Spring 2013 just got started!  Anticipating Seunggi in F/W wear…  in Heritory~~!!

Wahhhh, love all this gorgeous layering!

Please let us see more of Seunggi like this… come this fall/winter!!!

Um, nice toosh!

Shirt + tie + sweater vest + blazer = perfect crisp/preppy fall look!

Nice glasses…  I really wish LSG was my study buddy!  He’d be perfect!

Heritory is really going full forward with its branding!

Dang, all this layering is LOVE!  Can’t wait to pull out my puffy jackets soon!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. LOVE it! He is So adorable:) she looks good too:o) LSG no.1!!!

  2. Really hope that Seung Gi oppa would do more of these sort of high fashion shoots, then I can stare at him whole day and reason so because it is high fashion!

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