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Seunggi & Psy for ‘Gangnam Style’ Zipel Asak CF teaser

(video: DrMariee)

Yay, it’s about time for their reunion!  Been anticipating this ever since Psy’s ‘Because you’re my Woman’ rendition at his recent concert.  Samsung Zipel Asak kmichi fridge loves the bromance concepts!  It’ll be like an ongoing series… First, Seunggi & Yoon Eun Hye (noona, not hyung!) back in 2009.  Then Seunggi & Cha Seung Won in 2011.  Now, this year with Psy, who’s about to make a huge big-time appearance on MTV’s VMA’s tonight!  Omg, can’t wait to see Psy on the VMAs tonight!!!  All the best to him, who’s lighting it up in the USA and all over the world… and all with his own unique style, and not some same-old manufactured concept!

Dang, this CF teaser is daebak!  OMG, literally LOL!!!  Especially the ‘to be continued’ end part.  Although, I’m a little scared to see what the final result of this ‘dance duo!’  Please no cringe worthy stuff.  Funny is good, but please not too over the top.  Freaking hilarious Psy and Super sweet Seunggi should be awesome CF combo!

Wahhh, just so special to see Seunggi and Psy sunbae/hyung, the writer of his debut song (in addition to other song for him after that) together like this!  Their interactions on Strong Heart just were never enough.

Super anticipating the CF~~~!!!!!  There better be a making video too!

Screencap Recap (with English translation)…

Images: LSGfan, As labeled, DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. I saw psy on MTV! The horse dance is daebak! So good to see Seunggi doing this. Who does not love Seunggi as little brother?

    • Psy like a boss at the VMAs! 30 something dude is the breakout star to the US and around the world! Totally unexpected, and never imagined. Dae~~~ Bak~~!!!

      Yup, There is a reason Seunggi is ‘Nation’s Brother’. Psy + Seunggi = LOVE and SMILES and LAUGHS! Heck I’ll take his chemistry with hyungs bromance style over any of the girls! (he’d prob prefer the girls!)

      cannot wait to see the cf. love them together.

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