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Seunggi in canary yellow shirt, leaves Taiwan [2012.09.03]

Oooh, another nice t-shirt upon leaving Taiwan!  Nice buttons touch and canary color.  Love the round-neck silk(?) lined shirts he’s been wearing.  Similar to blue shirt when arriving in Taiwan.  More simple t-shirts = Yes!!!  But not snug enough = Nooo!!!

Omg, Seunggi is swimming, practically drowning in his t-shirt…

Someone please save him!!!!

Such a waste… to have so much fabric (very pricey too!)  go to waste!

Yes, some shirts are meant to be more loose-fitting.  And ok, maybe he wanted to be comfy for his plane ride back to Seoul.  Who can blame him?  But it’s not THAT long of a flight back?!  Come on Cody… how about some more fan service next time!

And dear Makeup Artist~ Please, no more going crazy with your BB cream-powder blends.  Or at least do neck coverage too!  Seriously, I could do a way better job with the basic tips the Barneys makeup counter guys taught me.  Yes, lotsa K-celebs are photographed with over-slathered BB cream, but can you at least make sure no makeup particles are left hanging from the chin?!  (aigoo, won’t post that photo here!)

Trying to ignore the inexplicable face-neck separation thingy…

Dazzling smile helps very much~~!!!!

Fans so jjang and showing so much love, greeting Seunggi off at the airport!

(video: glaylioutw)

(video: Clara Choi)

Signing while going through security!  Ha.  LOL at reaction of girls @0:12

(video: esan1028)

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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  1. hai..do you know when the exact date for his upcoming yearly concert in seoul?

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