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Seunggi in blue hue fashion, arrives in Taiwan for fan meeting

[2012.09.01] Oooooh, nice shirt… bright blue round collar-lining and navy blue for the rest.  Crisp white pants perfect for the weather.  Nice, comfy-light shoes (not shown) perfect for travel.  Probably fave Tod’s?!  Simple, must accessories for guys – nice big watch and stylish wallet/passport case.  And lovely orchids lilies wrapped in matching blue tissue paper/wrap to welcome Seunggi!  Simply perfect!  So Cody, why throw in this particular jacket… into this fine mix?  Hmmm…  Whatever.  Moving on…

Dang, I really love this shirt on Seunggi! (per usual, it’s way too big!  Wae~ Wae~?!)

Love these bright gorgeous photos…  Great photog!

aw, read K-fans saying Seunggi’s eyes looked kinda tired…

really sweet of him not to wear sunglasses to cover up when he travels and sees fans!  (even though sometimes I wish he would, just to add some celeb style flair!!)

Aw, looking a little dazed…

Probably overwhelmed (and surprised… AGAIN!) by all the love from fans!

Aw, wonder what he was thinking here…???

Wow, blue tissue paper flower wrap is such a perfect hue match to shirt neck lining!!

Sorta such a contrast…

to the more serious-vibe Seunggi at Incheon Airport, Seoul earlier on.

Whoa… his stern look + hand in pocket + finger-tapping on the counter…

Totally, not playing, all serious Seunggi = kinda scary… (and hot!!!)  Ha.

but saw the fancam of them laughing it up!  The power of a photo capture.

So curious about this cute watermelon pillow!  which is, SO korean!!!

(My grandma loves those Korean bean-filled log pillows!  Very very comfy.)

So kinda random.  Belongs to Seunggi?  From home?!  btw, NIIIICE shoes!

Niiiiiice~~~~~  Hehehehe~~~~~

Safe travels to Seunggi and entourage on their trip back to Seoul today!!!

(and, great airport fashion… would be a super bonus and added plus!)

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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3 Responses

  1. I heard he went to Tod’s when he was in Hong Kong. Wonder if the Tod’s he wore in Singapore and Taiwan are from this shopping spree. And, I noticed the ‘water melon’ too. So cute. As I mentioned, it must be very important as 3 different people were carrying it from Incheon to the hotel in Taipei!!

  2. It’s a stroke of genius with the flower wrappings and the lilies so elegant! You would think by now he should be used to the screaming reception. Oh boy, can they scream!

  3. Lovely like always! Wish I could be there to see him in peson, he is the best today, tomorrow, and always!:D praying for him every-day! Until his back safe and sound to Korea. Best of luck in Taiwan!:D

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