Lee Seunggi & Ha Jiwon greet viewers for Han Love, Japan

*EDIT: Puahaha~~ dcTK2H photo shop of Aha Couple in one chair HERE and HERE!

LOLLOLLOLLOLs~~ dcTK2H eagle eye capture of LSG & HJW tilting head in sync!

(HJW-LSG greetings)

LSG: The ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is a drama involving some very brilliant actors in Korea, a great director and writers, and made with fresh subject material that’s somewhat different from past Korean dramas. We hope you all show a lot of love for it.
HJW: Even though it doesn’t exist right now, the set-up involves a king and a North Korean top forces instructor, Hangah.  Please make sure to watch Jaeha and Hangah’s beautiful love story.

(HJW-LSG goodbyes)

(Video: comehere1023, English: LSGfan)

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News coverage of Lee Seunggi’s first-ever Singapore visit

Posting some of the video news coverage and article links.  Congrats to Seunggi for charming fans with his first-ever visit to Singapore!  Not being your usual Kpop idol, nor carrying some over-the-top persona, proud to see awesome fan support for him there!  His RESUME speaks for itself!  As everyone knows, Seunggi is the type of guy that the more you know him, the more you can’t help but to adore him!  And like he said, he’s not seeking out to be some global star, he first and foremost, just wants to meet and spend time with the fans he already has abroad and grow from there.  Awww!!!  (btw, press con translator totally sucked!  Ha, I think even Seunggi knew it!)

[inSING]: Tonight with Lee Seung Gi
@0:25~ his so cute English!  @2:05~ ‘Sarang-hae-yo’ Kyyaaahhh!  @2:20~ the smile!
(video: inSingVideos)

[xinmsn]: Lee Seung Gi the perfect man? Most definitely
@1:40~ fearful of ghosts! Ha, but totally fearless in his work! Ahhhh!!!
(video: sgdhtinalove)

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More Seunggi perfection! Singapore Press Con [2012.08.24]

Spazz Spazz Spazz!!  Seunggi’s Singapore trip is…  seriously Dae~ Bak~!!!  Waahh, just can’t help but to like him even more!  (and also feel super lazy for not signing up to study/learn 5 new things!  ah stress~~!!)  Hm, let’s see what language classes are being offered…  (more 70+ photos at Hallyu Singapore facebook)

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Seunggi’s smile + feet! Singapore Press Con [2012.08.24]

All I see is the smile, long legs, and nice bone-color oxford shoes… emphasizing his um, feet?!?!  *cough cough*  (as Seunggi would react in his newly learned Singlish~~ Paiseh!)  Nice uber HQ, dark color outfit – crisp white sofa, contrast photos…

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Lee Seunggi talks Singapore, fan energy, dating, grad school

OMFG such a gorgeous interview!  The eyes, the smile!  WHAT and HOW he says it…

(video: 1004Dimple)
xinmsn: Lee Seunggi is actually naughtier than what you see on TV!

Always SO quotable~~~ Loved these… Seunggi oppa!!!

I like to try different food wherever I go.

That is hard to say… the reason [why I felt a different kind of energy from the younger fans in Singapore at the airport]. I don’t want to mis-speak as the noonas could misunderstand and get upset! (LOL) I love ALL my fans!

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Seunggi arrives at Singapore airport for fan meet [2012.08.24]

Screaming fancams = Awesome! ♪♫  But Tonight, but Tonight, I won’t cry~  Wahhh, love Seunggi walking back-and-forth in the beginning!  Hehe.  Daebak @1:05!
(video: cckw17)

But Tonight, but Tonight, I won’t cry~~ ♪♫  Omg, major Ackkkk @0:22 on~~~

(video: hyukfame)

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Seunggi is perfect! Singapore Press Conference [2012.08.24]

Singapore fan meet photos are SO daebak!  (more at Duchicky facebook).   And Seunggi’s press conference interview was so freaking awesome!  He is simply PERFECT!!!  A singer performing songs… okay, that’s kind of a given?!  But to do a public interview like this on your first-ever trip there… and with such ease, comfort, humor, and charm… is… whoa~~!!!  Now THAT is what you call IMPRESSIVE!  And while making it all look so easy!  Waahhh~~~!!!  Yup, this is WHY Seunggi is so special and I admire him!!  Yay for the white t-shirt!  Good job Cody, now just do it regularly!!  Stick with the open neck, v-neck,  deep neck (fitted!) shirts please!

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