Respect, support, and love for the #1 for Airens~ Seunggi…

WTF?!  A  fanblog for ‘one of Seunggi’s closest guy friends’??  And actively eliciting photos of this dude from other Airens, taken at, what are, Seunggi events??  Promoting this dude, with Seunggi’s name attached, at such an important career and public relations time, as Seunggi ventures into Southeast Asia for the first time??

Seunggi said his main goal is to ‘meet and communicate with his fans’ and worked his ass off to prepare.  (part of all of this press blitz is to introduce Seunggi to potentially new fans too, people!).

And in return, Seunggi gets treated with this kind of sh*t.   He’s been way more than totally accommodating to fans in Southeast Asia.  He does not deserve this kind of ridiculous sh*t.   Especially from his own Airens?!  I will not believe that Airens are the ones who started and are carrying out all this, spazzing about it!

THIS.IS.NOT.COOL.  Borderline offensive.   And so disappointing.

Above all things, so unfair to Seunggi to get this kind of sh*t treatment.

I wonder…  How would Seunggi feel about this?

It’s one thing to like and fangirl several guys.  We’re girls, we can’t help it.  (I love the hot Bins – Won Bin and Hyun Bin – next after Seunggi!)  Let’s be real, none of us are going to end up being Seunggi’s ultimate girl!

but, it’s totally another thing when…

How would I feel if my boyfriend all of a sudden decided to go gaga over my best friend, while professing his #1 love for me at the same time?  How would that make me feel?  How would I feel about him coming over to meet up with me, and would I think or be hurt thinking he may be using me to see my best friend?  Sure, he can say all he wants, that that’s not the case, but how has he acted to support and love me?  Especially during a time that’s really important to me.  Talk is cheap.

Aw, Seunggi~~ you’re so understanding, fans assume you’ll understand everything…

But, doesn’t our beloved Seunggi…

deserve better and more respect from his beautiful and awesome Airens?

Can we do things with a bit more respect, tact, and conscience?  Cool? :)

Images: As labeled/DCLSG

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23 Responses

  1. Awww dear, I think I know which fanblog you mean…and about it..I think the person who made it just doesn’t get chance to be that close to Seung Gi, don’t worry dear, it just a comforting act to cover the disappointment :)
    I’ve told you before that I’m on the back door,sending him off from Kallang right? At that time, all my attention is focused on Seung Gi, the one and only. And I don’t even realize his friend at his side. That’s what Seung Gi able to make you, and me, and Us do, and I believe he always can do ;)

  2. aww that’s really bad! AIRENS for LEE SEUNG GI, not for his friends or best friends whatsoever~ are they sure they are AIRENS? =______=

    just give your love to LSG if you’re an airen~ i know it sounds unfair if you just want to give your love to just seung gi once you’re airens, but dont u love your family, bf/gf too?? =____=

    i’ve never thought this would happen. thanks for letting us know about this, LSGfan

    • Just to be clear… I’m not saying that we can’t like other guys.

      Above, I wrote that liking several guys is totally understandable. I do too! We’re girls!

      But it’s totally ANOTHER thing to go gaga over a guy’s bestfriend (or brother) at the same time. Maybe it’s an American thing… but that’s usually sorta a no-no here.

      I don’t know who s/he blogger is and I don’t think s/he is bad at all. But when someone told that it was an Airen and about all the spazzing on twitter. I just think the way it’s being done just lacks tact and respect, especially for someone like Seunggi, out of all people. and at a really important time like this.

      • oo sorry if anyone missunderstood my comment. i apologize for that :)

        btw i’m a fan of eun ji won too! sech kies~ but more too LSG though :)

      • Aw, I really hope you don’t misunderstand. I didn’t mean that people cannot be fans of Seunggi and other celebs. What I love about Seunggi… which i think is sorta special. Is a lot of fans are big fans of 2ne1, big bang, suju, snsd, etc… (not typical Seunggi-like style!) but also are fans of Seunggi!

        And with 1n2d, me too, I love Seunggi and all his hyungs.

        I’m so happy EJW’s Reply 1997 is getting a lot of love!

  3. what are you all talking about? who dare to bully our LSG?!!!

  4. I know exactly what you are talking about and I was quite taken aback at the fandom. I understand that Seng Gi’s friend may be cute but it just felt wrong about how they (LSG’s fans) are going gaga over him while at Seung Gi’s fan meet and now starting a blog about him. I felt disappointed and sad for Seung Gi. Just because Seung Gi admits that his friend is cuter than him does not mean that he won’t be hurt by his fans thinking it too. Every time I saw a Seung Gi fan spazzing about his friend, I felt like crying for Seung Gi. So sad T___T.

  5. My thoughts:
    1) I don’t think that guy is any way near cute. That’s just me. But I think it’s bad taste to USE Seung Gi to fan other people, no matter who.
    2) Airens have all kinds. Just read that a fan was cheated out of her ticket by another ‘Airen’ in the Singapore fan meeting. We would like to think that Airens are all nice people with excellent taste and manners, the facts say otherwise.
    3) No need to cry for Seung Gi. He would laugh about this, seriously. He is such a grounded person (as one fan mentioned in a TV interview) he knows what’s important and what’s not.
    4) Dear Ann, love your indignation. Love your blog too!

    • Of course. I don’t feel sorry for Seunggi. Feeling sorry for people is uncool (unless they deserve it, like that crazy so-called journalist who just needed some love!)

      Seunggi is a big boy and he’s never care about that kind of sh*t. because he’s grounded.

      he knows he’s not beloved solely based on his looks! ha. (one of the reasons 2ne1 is prob one of my fave girl groups… super freaking talented, foremost!)

      He would be the first to say that he does not have chiseled model looks! (which he’s said before a bunch of times). And I’d be second to say that! People are loved because they are the whole package.

      And actually, I super like all of Seunggi’s manager-nims. They’ve been by his side and take care of him. what’s not to like. don’t want to see fans degrading manager-nims either. they’ve been great friends!

      Yup, loyalty, family, friends, relationships are stuff i get indignant about… in addition to sucky fashion and incompetent people! :)

      to hear about the spazzing was just totally surprising and weird… Won Bin, Hyun Bin (the tops in Korea)… okay I get… and because they’ve shown additional talents and charms.

      And the guys who walk the runways in Europe and live in the pages of my fashion mags and make their living as a model… okay I get. People need to get out more and see that there are lots of simply good looking guys around! :)

  6. Thank you thinking from your blog. I think don’t have some one mention about it. Now, lsg fan, i love you. I’m so tear.i’m brave to say.I ‘m agree! At first , i’m so hard ,i’m having feeling. I’m not happy. If that’s his or her blog tell their blog is airen but mention one eles . It’s so bad. I’m hope them will understand. It should call them only their ‘s blog of fan. Fan is freedom to someone . Please don’t keep name airen , arien for lee seunggi. I love name of airen,airen for love , respect, support for seunggi.thank you. I’m hurt my heart fews more clearly.I love all.i’m tear again!

  7. Hi LSGfan ,
    I am a relatively new fan and have been following yours and one other blog to get all LSG updates and i have read all the old posts to get to know more about LSG.
    honestly speaking i thought i was the only one who was thinking that and feeling like i have a small heart but every time i read fans squealing about him on LSG fan site its bugged me and I thought it was wrong even though SG doesn’t mind but it still didn’t seem right to me to take advantage of LSG’s kindness.
    So Thank you for bringing this to attention.

    • Yes, totally agree with you so you are not alone. Why some people mentioned those things in so called Lee Seung Gi fan accounts are just beyond me. Showing that you have running hormones? In this particular case, the person is not a performer. He was working hard doing his job. They also forget that I (we?) read the blogs/accounts BECAUSE the subject was Seung Gi. Otherwise, I would not have bothered at all.

      PS: If you are the Alex I know, I use another name beginning with an F sometimes – when I am really pissed and want to vent!

      • Couldn’t agree more with both of your comments.

      • hey Ann I am Alex from tryp’s blog(i hope its okay to mention other blog here I am sort of new to all of this) the one who mixed you and LSGfan up (sorry) and I agree with you I have nothing against him its just that if wanted to be a celebrity hook said they are okay with it right now he is working hard in a job he likes so we should respect his privacy too. And I go on LSG blogs to read about him or something related to him not about other people.

  8. thanks for the update as usual anne, i didn’t know that fangirling has reached this kind of level ! all i can say is that these guys have got waaaayyyy too much time in their hands. as it is, juggling work, studies, lots of my other activities plus trying to keep updated with only one celebrity in my life is already a pain. and here i thought i was the only one feeling a little out of sorts about the whole thing…

    speaking of manager ims, LSG’s former manager- you know the one he brought with him at 1n2d during the non celebrity BF special, where is that guy now? Not that I am intending to start a blog about him (heheh, kidding, put the pitchforks down!) , I am just curious.

  9. As SG’s fan I can’t help but like the Manager because he is good looking and more importantly, takes such good care of SG. Also, after the 1N2D episode, I got a bit curious about him and whether he is really as good looking in person.

    However, with SG, it is more than like… I super love, admire and respect him. As another fan said, he is the total package ! I recall that when he arrived at the changi airport, my focus was only on him and I was oblivious to those around him , only realized who were with him after watching the fan cams. At the group photo taking session, he was so sweet and charming with his dazzling smile (even my guy friend thinks that he has a dazzling appearance). Seung Gi will always be the number 1 for me and I can safely say, most Airens, and no handsome Manager or hyung or anyone else can take his place. Seung Gi fighting!

  10. I’m a girl. I never reaction hight to someone although most handsome man front me but only look or admair or exited but this reaction will low until find what that interest eles. Maybe him is strange become new look. But my heart is full or only reaction for momment. So only seunggi , he is top brain although one mommet i look one eles. I thought only compare or test myself him and else , so bad but i’m asked myself to can cut my brain from seunggi but no. When all comment, now i’m clearly ! I like all people near seunggi and alot pepple else but i love seunggi. This man is make me cry , happy, worried,exited. He’s recieved best gift from god. It’s hard understant. Aww now i ‘m not yet find boyfriend.I’m running my heart to one that live my brain and can’t forget. More again,I interest to him cus him near seunggi. seunggi is number one. If i have boyfriend maybe i don’t tell him about seunggi.haha, he will envy.,if you like one so most how can you change it for one else ? It is not so easy.

  11. As I read your blog,I started to google what is this fan account. didn’t took me long to find it. As I scroll down it took me by surprsie to see that one of my comment at tryp blogs was posted. Now i feel bad posting that comment. I only posted it because like what you’ve said it’s not bad to like other guys because we are girls. And seeing them together is really an eye candy for me. A star who is so undeniably hot is right beside to another good looking man. But that’s it for me.
    I totally understand your sentiments,it’s not bad to like his friend but having those fan accounts and using other airens photos of Seung Gi’s fan accounts because the friend is attached to the photo is a little bit over the top for me. it is just not right. Sorry ann..

  12. Hi, i will comment again maybe this ‘s last. i can’t deny about my feel that’s same lsgfan. It’s more more hurt. I’m thinking it depend ourself. No someone wrong.I ‘m really respect blog seunggi so if around ours or if only commenter or anonymous , please don’t more comment to bad effect to another that read. You should think about what that doing before write it to blog lee seunggi because alot people is unhappy while come this blog read your comment. I used to bad comment . Really ,sorry sorry….

  13. RESPECT, LOVE & SUPPORT LEE SEUNG GI i love this heading n agree all about it. YEAH, no one can stop n ask to do this to do that its ‘their’ right to like, gaga, spazzing, create blog or whatever for the one they like BUT for me, its quite irritating n annoying when seungi’s name is attached to someone (furthermore its his close friend n by its so called fan) so please don’t hate me. it’s just please real AIREN show the real RESPECT, LOVE & SUPPORT that the person named LEE SEUNG GI totally deserve it…( u know what i mean) PEACE

  14. I totally agree with you Anne, I thought I’m the only one who thinks this way. I get really pissed when I read something supposedly about LSG and then read about his managers instead. I have nothing against his managers ( I’m sure they are doing a great job or else they won’t be with him), but being an Airen means your first priority is LSG.Another thing ,I’m not biased but SeungGi is way better looking than the managers!

  15. Please,respect each other because we’re all Lee Seung Gi fan’s & so we should love each other

  16. Hi LSGfan,
    I totally support your views too!! We love Seung Gi, love his personality and attitude. And yes, he is way more handsome than those around him. Our eyes are on him only.

    Btw, my other favorites are the same as you… the 2 hot Bins!!
    But still Seung Gi is the number 1.

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