Seunggi’s best easily assembled perfectly together…

Hope this day comes around again soon… seeing the awesome potential and perfect best of Seunggi, from head to toe, both inside and out, come assembled so easily together.  So easy, yet… huhuhu.  When a fitted white shirt(!) + great hair + charming personality are perfectly assembled together (below)… So hot!  huhuhu…

Images: DCLSG, Tumblr/As labeled

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  1. 0_0 where’s the gif come from??? never see that one, is it a show??
    btw nice post! thanks! :)

    • It’s from 2008 or 2009. One of the first eps of KBS show Sang Sang Plus. He spoke English on the show with Tablo, when the hosts Hyori and Tak Jaehoon called him on the phone. Doesn’t he look fab?! :)

      • quote lee seung gi’s comment on press conference in S’pore: “ABSOLUTELY!!”
        thanks for the info, i got it edi, the sung sung plus season 2, right?
        thanks a lot! btw loooooooooooooooooove you post about LSG <3 :)

      • oooohhhh~~~~ I loved when he said that in the Spore FM! So naturally….


        ah, one of my fave sayings!!! :)

  2. right? it makes the mc taken aback with his confidence! i like that. he’s bold and humble when he needs too. perfect!

    btw nice to meet you! i’ve been following ur blog looooooong time ago but never say hello to you. i’m sorry :) but seriously your blog, jjang! :D

  3. Seunggi in above outfit, speaking English @0:52

  4. i one of ur blog follower….even thought i no post anything here but i am fan of lee seung gi…..thank you for ur post … help me to find out what lee seung gi doing in all times……thank u so much for ur post….

  5. great body!hahaha..I am just wondering what happened to him on the gif?did he get wet or something? And do you have any idea where we can watch that show online? or check the vids?^^ Thanks LSGfan^^

  6. @seunggicharm, you’re welcome! i tried to post a link to you about this show but i can’t post it. i don’t know why. basically each episode contains 2 segments, and for this one where lsg appearedis the 1st ep and the segments were:

    We’re Here to Give a Quiz
    Guests come in with questions about themselves. The MC’s and guest panelists try to answer correctly and earn as many teddy bears as possible. The number of teddy bears earned depends on the difficulty of the questions. All the MC’s and guests share stories about themselves during this segment as well.

    Splash! Children Song (Episodes 1-6)
    This segment is filmed in a different location they call ‘Splash Studio’. It requires both English skills, brains and singing. Korean children’s songs are pre-translated into English, and the MC’s and guests need to figure out and sing the English version without making any mistakes. They are allowed several chances to help them out when they’re in need, such as phoning a friend and using a dictionary for a limited amount of time. However, should they make any mistakes, they get punished with random things (such as water, flour, sawdust, dirt, etc) held in balloons above getting dropped on them… And if they make too many mistakes, they get thrown into a pool of water behind them

    i just copy paste from the link. :)

  7. Yay, you found a clip! The entire episode, english subbed used to be on youtube. it was the very first epi, i think, of the second season. and seunggi and sugeun were guests. and hyunjoong was also on the epi, the first part. the first part, they’re in house type environment in their pjs. seunggi showed off his hyori-signed cd when he first met her a while back — she signed it, i’m your noona, right?! LOL.

    then the second part of the show, is that part where their in school clothing and at the end of a pool of water. if they don’t answer correctly, they get dunked in the water and stuff strewn over them. um, not a good way to ensure future guests come on! ha. so that’s why lsg gets wet later on. they all get dunked in the pool. anyway, that format of the show, i don’t think lasted that too long afterwards.

    hope someone finds and uploads the eng-subbed clip. suguen and seunggi were cute together.

  8. this vid really made me cry into laughters, so much happiness haha. They’re so cute.

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