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Seunggi’s Singapore fan meeting style and fun [2012.08.25]

Ooooohhhhh, GREAT ‘baseball pitching’ body form!  In formal black attire.  So hot!  Aw, Seunggi~~~  why you got to be so cute and manly at the same time???!!!


Seunggi and the fans having such a blast!

Omg, this photo is daebak!!!  Something about about Seunggi in black formal attire…  on a mountain bike!  LOLs.  Like a scene from a movie!

The scene… Wealthy, jerkish guy at fancy, high-brow event with a girl (that’s not the one for him!).  He all of a sudden realizes the real girl for him left the event upset.  He runs out to chase after her, stops a guy on a bike on the street.  Gives him a wad of cash for the bike and goes after the girl!  Ha.  Imagination running amok!  Omg, I think I saw that in some movie?!  I must really miss seeing Seunggi on tv… huhuhu.

Aww~~~ love the cupcake cake!

And Seunggi figurine in… SHORTS!  too cute.  Hehehe.

Whoa, check out the unbuttoned buttons!!! (while trying to ignore that vest/rose thing!)

Doing the ‘Losing my Mind’ dance~~~!!!!

Really wish he’d sing Losing my Mind at his performances!!!!

Everyone loves that song!! And knows it!  Is it because it’s autotune?

(how come Hook always lists old music style Let’s Go on Vacation?!)


Much better top outfit, then the lounge-singer shirt-vest-redrose thing above!!!

Oooohhhhh….  gets better…

outfit is even better without the vest!

Shirt and large-knot tie = HOT!!!  Check out Seunggi’s S-line!


Gets even even way way better!  Now just nice white shirt and no tie!!!!

Aw~~~~~ Love this photo set too!

His eyes always express so much love and sincerity.  huhuhu.


Ok, this shirt is so way too big for Seunggi!!! He’s swimming in it!

[side rant — Hope fans yelled at Cody for me!!!  Like does Hook/Cody know that Seunggi’s ‘ajusshi’ stylings are well-known even among non-Airens!!!!  Both hits and misses during this Singapore fan meet for Cody…  he better take it up a notch for Taiwan!!!  It’s not that hard dude!  Argh.  Hook/Cody so out of touch sometimes; well, more like, most of the time!  Dude, just keep it simple.  Loved the white shirt and big-knot tie look.  Jackets, vests, all the lounge-singer outfit accoutrements are overrated and often unnecessary, Cody!  How about just a white t-shirt (untucked in!) and black pants!  I’d love to see that for Taiwan.  *wishful thinking*]

Love all the daebak response to…. Tonight with Lee Seunggi~~~

Thanks to all the fans for sharing so many goodies (and more to come??!!!)

Seemed like the ultimate, intimate, worth-the-money, about-the-fans FAN MEET!

Seunggi always works so hard and preps so well for things!!!  (I should take note!)

Images:  DCLSG, As labeled, seunggiyah.tumblr, nric.tumblr

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15 Responses

  1. Ann, do you check your mention? Me, @kuranzu @ma_eye0 and others are fulfilling your wish, we’re yelling at the cody in the backstage, when he is the van to get back to hotel. He is genuinely surprised…and shocked..apparently he never faced that kind of attitude before XD

    Few of us knocking his window, yes the cody sat in the window side, yelling: no weird hair! Some fans even get in into the van (I know..that’s hillarious) and making gesture no weird hairstyle, no weird scarf.

    • Omg, really???!!! DAEBAK!!!! You girls are sooooooo awesome!!!!

      I would love to see a photo of you all doing the no weird hair and scarf gestures! I love you girls!

      Did he understand you? What was his response? Is he really that clueless?! Does he have like 40% vision or something?!

      • Hello, he is wearing Galliano’s shirt. alright for his age, but not rosary and necklaces and feathers.

      • But that’s exactly why I think Cody is soooo lame! Just because something’s expensive, high-end branded clothes and accessories DOES NOT mean that it’s the best the look. Cody dude thinks by slapping on expensive brands, that’s being a stylist. aigoo. anyone can do that in their sleep. Seunggi (and his body!) deserve sooooo much better!

  2. Love your last line… Seunggi and his (great) body deserve sooooo much better! Added in the parenthesis.

  3. Thats Singapore gals for you. Traditional yet fun-loving & out-spoken when necessary !
    I like slim-fitted shirts that are just right & actually , on close up ( a few rows from front ) the white shirt was the d best fit considering d circumstance. A size smaller would not have allowed for all the movement & activity tht Seunggi did.
    A size smaller is alright for a freeze-framed photoshot though.

    • LOL, jade…to be truth..most of us are overseas fans LOLOL. Maybe because we’re thinking we had through long trip we’re going all out at the FM

      I’m the one who scream from afar first, Never thought the closer one will follow kkk.

  4. It ‘s back my remind. Did seunggi to bring his Bicycle that buy it from english? Really? I’m not wrong? What do u think?

  5. @lsgfan:
    Ann..he is really clueless, I don’t get into van since I’m standing far out. He just giggling like crazy while the dancers teased him.
    I’ll check my friend’s camera, maybe she snap some photo, but I doubt it, I think she’ll like to preserve some for Seung Gi not him XD

  6. I am really curious how many wristband/bracelets does Seung Gi has??

    • omg, I know it’s sad when his wristband/bracelets are the ONLY thing that never disappoints… fashion/style wise! LOLs.

      How the F do the 2 manager-nims get better hair styling than SEUNGGI???!!! And better fits and more non-ajusshi looks/ensembles???!! Even the shorter manager-nim!!!

      Maybe i’ll write a persona letter to Cody (and Hook) and ask someone to deliver it by hand at the Taiwan fanmeeting!!!!

  7. LMAO! can’t contain myself while reading your comments @reglest & the rest of ineternational fan who scream, good job! *clapping my hands* even yelling at his Cody & some fan even get into his van just to remind *no weird hairstyle & scraf* hahaha.. I super like what you’ve done…hopefully we can see the result soon!

  8. I know alot people away complain about style seunggi. He is handsome,No matter, his strange alway it ‘s not bad. however, i’m worried another’s eye that look seunggi.how many people that think that same you?some time, i’m disappoint why?some time,thought alot fan love looking seungg than personal seunggi. This why that me alway feel unhappy.

  9. Hi Ann, I came across your blog only recently. This is my 1st time commenting on your blog. I haven’t commented earlier because I don’t want to antagonize the fans. But as I read your blog, I feel we share the same feeling about SG’s dressings. In BL’s days (I watched BL only late last year) BL was shot in 2009 and I really can’t remember catwalk models with those thick scarves in 2009’s fashion. And it was not only once but quite a number of scenes LSG were wearing those thick scarves. That hairstyle also, really I thought there is something wrong with SG’s neck or forehead. LSG has a perfect forehead and long neck. Why Mr Cody is always covering him up? When I read your comments and I realized that I am not the only one with that feeling.
    Recently in Singapore, he was wearing a feather. I mean LSG is so handsome why must Mr Cody dress him like a Christmas tree? This is my opinion only, you may disagree with me. :)

  10. so much for cody. the baseball pitching of seunggi reminds me of Park Hae Il(if you know what i mean) how i wish he did the Losing my mind dance too! and i totally agree with you when you said he has the sincerest smiles and gestures. such a wise man. ^^

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