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Lee Seunggi is ‘Casual? No! Heritory’ [2012 F/W Heritory CF]

More versions and BTS making cuts, please!  The mysterious-playful vibe of the CF, matched with the tango-ish music and movie-like feel really work effectively in building up the reveal of their faces midway and at the end.   Emphasizing the fashion feel of the clothes, the voiceover (and brand name!)…  ‘Casual? No! Heritory.’  But isn’t Heritory supposed to be ‘traditional, casual, British’~~!!  Maybe there’s a part 2 CF?!  Hope so!  Feels like a story is unfolding…  love the way Seunggi’s captured, playing with his hat, record, book.  Later meeting Yoomi on the street, riding vespa, and running off together!  Ok, there’s definitely a story.  Heritory, please give us more!

There’s an official Heritory youtube channel now.  Give it lots of love!

(omg, when I heard the whistling start in the CF, I was scared it’d go into Flo Rida’s ‘Whistle’!!  Super catchy song, but um, super not appropriate for this CF!!!  Whew!!)

BTS photos from the CF shoot.  Seunggi’s thinking~~

Wow, my hair looks great!  How come they don’t do that for me all the time?! Ha.

Classic~~~~  Aw.  Heritory, give us more glimpses of our most fave smile!!!

Videos: Heritory, Images: As labeled/leeseunggi.jp

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