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News coverage of Lee Seunggi’s first-ever Singapore visit

Posting some of the video news coverage and article links.  Congrats to Seunggi for charming fans with his first-ever visit to Singapore!  Not being your usual Kpop idol, nor carrying some over-the-top persona, proud to see awesome fan support for him there!  His RESUME speaks for itself!  As everyone knows, Seunggi is the type of guy that the more you know him, the more you can’t help but to adore him!  And like he said, he’s not seeking out to be some global star, he first and foremost, just wants to meet and spend time with the fans he already has abroad and grow from there.  Awww!!!  (btw, press con translator totally sucked!  Ha, I think even Seunggi knew it!)

[inSING]: Tonight with Lee Seung Gi
@0:25~ his so cute English!  @2:05~ ‘Sarang-hae-yo’ Kyyaaahhh!  @2:20~ the smile!
(video: inSingVideos)

[xinmsn]: Lee Seung Gi the perfect man? Most definitely
@1:40~ fearful of ghosts! Ha, but totally fearless in his work! Ahhhh!!!
(video: sgdhtinalove)

@2:04~ ‘Am I perfect?! Thank you very much! I don’t think so, but thank you very much’ Aww. @4:40~ Angry expression, when not fed! Sooo cute!!
(video: sgdhtinalove)

[Reuters UK]: K-pop star meets fans in Singapore
Journalist: ‘It was the very first time the multi-talented Korean star has held an official event with his fans in a Southeast Asian country. After his most recent drama, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ ended, Lee became one of the Olympic torchbearers running in London back in June.’
(video: TalentTOP)

[ITN UK]: K-Pop star Lee Seung-gi wows fans in Singapore
LSG: ‘I don’t think the global market is something you can conquer by planning, and I can’t afford (pretty sure he used a different term) it for now. I’d rather have more chances to communicate with my Asian fans who have been supporting and loving me.’
(video: itnnews)

[SkyNews Australia]:  Lee holds first fan meeting in Singapore

(video: Bum Bim, Tryp96)

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2 Responses

  1. Seung Gi-ya it’s just so hard NOT to love you. Thanks Ann for giving us great videos/pics/translations. Although Cody gets in your nerves most of the time, I hope you don’t get tired of doing this for us. :D

  2. may i ask why i cant join http://leeseunggi.com/ ?
    after fill in my details and click register>, the popup message always appears says 닉네임이 변경되었습니다
    중복확인을 해주세요
    i understand that message using Google translate, nut how to continue?

    pls help…thanks

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