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Lee Seunggi & Ha Jiwon greet viewers for Han Love, Japan

*EDIT: Puahaha~~ dcTK2H photo shop of Aha Couple in one chair HERE and HERE!

LOLLOLLOLLOLs~~ dcTK2H eagle eye capture of LSG & HJW tilting head in sync!

(HJW-LSG greetings)

LSG: The ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is a drama involving some very brilliant actors in Korea, a great director and writers, and made with fresh subject material that’s somewhat different from past Korean dramas. We hope you all show a lot of love for it.
HJW: Even though it doesn’t exist right now, the set-up involves a king and a North Korean top forces instructor, Hangah.  Please make sure to watch Jaeha and Hangah’s beautiful love story.

(HJW-LSG goodbyes)

(Video: comehere1023, English: LSGfan)

Seunggi’s so good at stuff like this! His skills honed as an MC really shine. Jiwon’s said she’s really shy with stuff like this, and you can kinda tell in what she said.  But they did great.  More EXTENDED video interviews of them together prior to the Japan MNET premiere, please!

They are so lovely together… miss Jaeha-Hangah all over again.  huhuhu.

Full cut – Han Love  segment

(video: rize0418)

Another screencap of our undeniably loveable King and Queen!

Images: dcTK2H

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