Seunggi’s smile + feet! Singapore Press Con [2012.08.24]

All I see is the smile, long legs, and nice bone-color oxford shoes… emphasizing his um, feet?!?!  *cough cough*  (as Seunggi would react in his newly learned Singlish~~ Paiseh!)  Nice uber HQ, dark color outfit – crisp white sofa, contrast photos…

Listening and making eye contact… SO important to us girls!

Those self-absorbed, arrogant, jerks who makes the girl suffer and anguish until he realizes duh, I need to love and respect the girl, and then magically transforms into new guy… um, totally (fictional!) K-Drama stuffs!

While so hot in Kdrama-land, a major NO-NO in real life!

OMG, can’t help but to notice smile and feet~~~!!!!!!

He looks great… AND gives great thoughtful answers!!!



Me = faints!

So well-mannered even…

in the way he sits and crosses his legs!  hehe.

So relaxed, chill, laid back!


Gosh, really loving all these unique photo angle captures.

Images:  Way more at Tryp96/baidu tieba

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2 Responses

  1. Hai!, do u know In which mall was he having that interview?

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