Seunggi is perfect! Singapore Press Conference [2012.08.24]

Singapore fan meet photos are SO daebak!  (more at Duchicky facebook).   And Seunggi’s press conference interview was so freaking awesome!  He is simply PERFECT!!!  A singer performing songs… okay, that’s kind of a given?!  But to do a public interview like this on your first-ever trip there… and with such ease, comfort, humor, and charm… is… whoa~~!!!  Now THAT is what you call IMPRESSIVE!  And while making it all look so easy!  Waahhh~~~!!!  Yup, this is WHY Seunggi is so special and I admire him!!  Yay for the white t-shirt!  Good job Cody, now just do it regularly!!  Stick with the open neck, v-neck,  deep neck (fitted!) shirts please!

OMG, Seunggi… why you gotta always be so so so so cute??!!!

And super attentive??!!!

Listening, making eye contact, just being so awesome??!!

Worst thing ever is…

Handsome guy opens his mouth… and omg, you wish he never did!

Best thing ever…

Handsome guy opens his mouth… and omg, you love him even more!!!

Seunggi, why you have to be so perfect in that way??!!!

Effectively talking with your hands, and giving us fun but thoughtful answers!


Yup, Seunggi really is a Prince~~~!!!!

Images:  As labeled

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3 Responses

  1. Yes, he is the ONE!
    I am really glad that he is my first and (I think will be) only star that I am fan-girling over and head-over-heels in love with!

    He is just too great! Always over my expectations!
    I am missing him already from yesterday’s Singapore FM…

    I heard he is going back today via VIP route so I can’t go and see him off but I think he is also already very tired from his trips here and there and soon Taipei FM too so I will let you go this time! haha~ :)

    But really hope that I can get to see him again before his army enlistment! Please~~~

    I can’t go to the Dec concert this end of year as it is my exams period TT I have exams until 5 Dec…
    I was working during my June/July school vacation for it but… TT
    haiii… but I think I would still travel to Korea for vacation after exams!

    Hope I can catch Seung Gi oppa and
    oppa, please rest well and wait for me!!! :)

  2. Ann, ALL his outfits looked super good on him in this trip, from the black outfit at the airport to the white shirt at the Fm. That’s why I’m extra happy!

  3. He had that one pose in the press con where he oh so casually stretched out those amazingly long and elegant legs showing off the ankles and shoes…OMG how did he do it? He must be a little nervous what with a visit to a foreign country for the first time, doing a PUBLIC interview with all those adoring fans wanting to eat him alive with their eyes, and trying to listen and respond in a way to maintain the highest standards he set up for himself…Gosh, Seung Gi, you are just incredible.

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