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More Seunggi perfection! Singapore Press Con [2012.08.24]

Spazz Spazz Spazz!!  Seunggi’s Singapore trip is…  seriously Dae~ Bak~!!!  Waahh, just can’t help but to like him even more!  (and also feel super lazy for not signing up to study/learn 5 new things!  ah stress~~!!)  Hm, let’s see what language classes are being offered…  (more 70+ photos at Hallyu Singapore facebook)

Oooh, nice lining inside the jacket!!!

But not into Cody’s obsession with feather pendant necklaces.

And what’s up with the super long strand of black pearls?!  Well, I’m just jealous.  I want it!  That’s a NICE necklace!  Perfect as 3 drapey strands with the perfect black cocktail dress, and Seunggi can still keep his feather pendant necklace!

DJ Ken was outgoing, enthusiastic, and funny, like most radio DJs…

but wish Seunggi got a chance to talk more.

and sorry, but that translator ajusshi was SO not impressive!!

Should’ve used a lady.  Always super polished and the best!

♪♫ Who run the world? Girls! Who run the world? Girls! ♪♫

Wow, really great photo captures from Hallyu Singapore~~

Seunggi’s candids and expressions always sooooo cute…



can’t help laughing and smiling!!

Next time, Seunggi should MC his own Singapore press con! LOLs.

Actually, you never know…

it may just REALLY happen??!!!

Waah, really really really love all these photos!

but, just ONCE, let’s see some hot messy gelled up hair on our Uhm-chin-ah!

(how come we never got to see Hwan hair post- Brilliant Legacy??!!!)  huhuhu.


Images: As labeled

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8 Responses

  1. @LSGfan: I’ve always wondered how much of the wardrobe decisions is the cody’s and how much is LSG’s himself. Hrmmm. But yeah, the feather necklaces are starting to become familiar.

    • I think for public stuff, it’s totally Cody and Hook. His management is very strict (well at least more in the past), and how he looked and everything was monitored and checked beforehand. Which is WHY I can’t stand Hook and Cody for fashion/style sabotaging things so often! No other 20s star gets ajusshi styling like Hook/Cody does to Seunggi! And I hate that Cody often puts brands and styles, accessories on LSG without thinking more sensically about piecing together top brand styles/accessories that go wtih LSG’s persona (too tired to repeatedly rant now).

      as for LSG… well it’s not his fashion sense that makes me his fan! Ha, that’s for sure! He’s not the most fashion forward high fashion/style guy. You have to kinda have a certain personality and edge for that, and that’s not his thing. And that’s totally okay with me! I sorta like him more that way! but that’s why celebs have stylists and PR managers! Who can tell you to cover up bad hair with a hat when out in public!

      • Ahhh, yes, I remember all the weird hair on 1N2D (Astroboy!) But yes, we don’t love him because he’s a fashionista. Like you, I do wish his stylist had better fashion sense. ;)

        If he appears with a feather necklace again, we can start making a drinking game out of it. LOL

  2. LSGfan,just wanted to know how much buzz is there in korea for seunggi attending fan meeting in singapore.Are the media outlets in korea covering this first historic fan meet.just wanted to know the reaction in korea….

    • I’m pretty sure the korean media was not targeted for the media blitz in Singapore. usually K-news only covers official debut stuff in Japan among Kpop idols and now, more recently actors like Kim Taehee. Southeast Asia and China activities are not really covered in k-press. So, there were only 2 reuters articles released in K-media about LSg’s singapore visit.

      lots of kpop idols have already held fan meetings and events in singapore and southeast asia, and many of them in much bigger venues, so i don’t think this is that big of a deal to most koreans. I think more people would be surprised why Seunggi didn’t branch out much earlier (but, well, you know Hook?!) but this is super exciting for Airens, since like Hook never even does press releases in Korea! Ha. So we’re like shocked by this. but honestly, this is pretty standard stuff for a top star. (ya hear, Hook :))

  3. I can’t ask more from the cody, please keep it. I’m going to see LSG this weekend, wow! Totally excited. Hope I’m that lucky to attend the press conference.

  4. Love the wall poster, would love to have it my room!:D best of luck in Singapore to prince Lee Seung Gi :)

  5. Don’t know how this is going to work out, but a lady from Ulsan Broadcasting Corp met up with some of the Hearties at the fan meet. We had compiled a book of well wishes for him and she was very impressed with it. Took a photo of EVERY page. Then she mentioned something about DClsg, but her English was not good and I didn’t quite understand what she meant. She gave me her name card and took down 2 of our email addresses.

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