Lee Seunggi talks Singapore, fan energy, dating, grad school

OMFG such a gorgeous interview!  The eyes, the smile!  WHAT and HOW he says it…

(video: 1004Dimple)
xinmsn: Lee Seunggi is actually naughtier than what you see on TV!

Always SO quotable~~~ Loved these… Seunggi oppa!!!

I like to try different food wherever I go.

That is hard to say… the reason [why I felt a different kind of energy from the younger fans in Singapore at the airport]. I don’t want to mis-speak as the noonas could misunderstand and get upset! (LOL) I love ALL my fans!

I always give my best in everything I do and enjoy them as much as I can.

I would not reveal to the public [if I were dating].  Couples in Korea usually do not reveal… because especially if the person you are dating is not a celebrity, you can indirectly affect the person in negative ways as people will focus their attention on that person and search the person out.

The reason I enrolled in graduate school was not to become a role model or to show people that I am capable… I feel that I need to recharge myself with new skills and knowledge…

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4 Responses

  1. congrats to airen singapore fans..successful fan meeting….LSG o=is sooooo great

  2. Dear Ann,
    Did he say 30-year-old or 30’s in those, em, critical, questions? I thought I heard 30’s and I hope that’s true as that would give us more time!

    • I think some stuffs getting lost in translation… He wants to get married IN his 30s.

      Ha, and most likely I think he’ll marry a non-industry person. I think I can get married and be happy later on if that were the case, more than if he married a celeb! :)

  3. somewhat can sense a certain amt of nervousness n uncertainty? during the interview… from his eyes which makes him even more endearing, lovable n real u know… the interview was proby done before the fan mtg when towards the end he did say he was under pressure before he came but has gone after seeing sporean fans response….luv how he always remain humble n sincere….its like after seeing him for real… im like liking him all over again.. not sure how to describe it…. his future wife is one lucky lady

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