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More Seunggi perfection! Singapore Press Con [2012.08.24]

Spazz Spazz Spazz!!  Seunggi’s Singapore trip is…  seriously Dae~ Bak~!!!  Waahh, just can’t help but to like him even more!  (and also feel super lazy for not signing up to study/learn 5 new things!  ah stress~~!!)  Hm, let’s see what language classes are being offered…  (more 70+ photos at Hallyu Singapore facebook)

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Seunggi’s smile + feet! Singapore Press Con [2012.08.24]

All I see is the smile, long legs, and nice bone-color oxford shoes… emphasizing his um, feet?!?!  *cough cough*  (as Seunggi would react in his newly learned Singlish~~ Paiseh!)  Nice uber HQ, dark color outfit – crisp white sofa, contrast photos…

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Lee Seunggi talks Singapore, fan energy, dating, grad school

OMFG such a gorgeous interview!  The eyes, the smile!  WHAT and HOW he says it…

(video: 1004Dimple)
xinmsn: Lee Seunggi is actually naughtier than what you see on TV!

Always SO quotable~~~ Loved these… Seunggi oppa!!!

I like to try different food wherever I go.

That is hard to say… the reason [why I felt a different kind of energy from the younger fans in Singapore at the airport]. I don’t want to mis-speak as the noonas could misunderstand and get upset! (LOL) I love ALL my fans!

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Seunggi arrives at Singapore airport for fan meet [2012.08.24]

Screaming fancams = Awesome! ♪♫  But Tonight, but Tonight, I won’t cry~  Wahhh, love Seunggi walking back-and-forth in the beginning!  Hehe.  Daebak @1:05!
(video: cckw17)

But Tonight, but Tonight, I won’t cry~~ ♪♫  Omg, major Ackkkk @0:22 on~~~

(video: hyukfame)

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Seunggi is perfect! Singapore Press Conference [2012.08.24]

Singapore fan meet photos are SO daebak!  (more at Duchicky facebook).   And Seunggi’s press conference interview was so freaking awesome!  He is simply PERFECT!!!  A singer performing songs… okay, that’s kind of a given?!  But to do a public interview like this on your first-ever trip there… and with such ease, comfort, humor, and charm… is… whoa~~!!!  Now THAT is what you call IMPRESSIVE!  And while making it all look so easy!  Waahhh~~~!!!  Yup, this is WHY Seunggi is so special and I admire him!!  Yay for the white t-shirt!  Good job Cody, now just do it regularly!!  Stick with the open neck, v-neck,  deep neck (fitted!) shirts please!

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