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[InStyle 2012 Interview] Lee Seung Gi – Man of the Moment ③

Striped shirt and navy color pull-over, beige pants are HERITORY, striped muffler is KENZO.

“Yesterday, I was surprised to see many fans waiting for me at the airport when I arrived.  This photo shoot was not listed on my official site schedule.  I always gain great energy because of people not only in Korea, but also those abroad, who love me.  (laughter)”

By Hanna Choi
Photographed by JoongSuk Oh

English: LSGfan

You tend to enjoy exercising.  Yes, first off, I really like watching and playing soccer.  These days, I’ve been golfing.  I first started because Seojin hyung recommended it, and it ended up being fun.  The good thing about golf is that it’s a sport a family can do together.  That’s why I’ve been actively recommending it to my family as well.

Seems like you get along like real brothers with Lee Seo Jin.  Seojin hyung, both as an actor and as a person, is someone you can learn a lot of things from.  I always gain positive energy when I’m with hyung.  So I was really happy to hear that we’d be coming here together for this photo shoot.  Last night, I hung out with hyung and had a drink talking about this and that.  Of course, we also played some video games (he hinted that while Lee Seojin is good at everything else, he’s pretty weak at gaming).

You’re going to Disneyland tomorrow.   I like amusement park rides, but it’s not a situation where I can really go to amusement parks in Korea.  That’s why I made sure we went to Disneyland this time.  Tomorrow, for one day, I’m going to play really hard.  Actually, I get the feeling that Seojin hyung doesn’t want to go.  (laughter). That’s only just what I’m sensing.

Many people in their mid-20s dream about independence.  How about you?  Not me, because more than anyone else, I know how precious and a big strength a family fence has been for me.  Honestly, I also like it when my mother tends to me and prepares this and that for me. (laughter) For me, eating ‘mom’s cooking’ after wrapping a busy schedule is always the best!

After your drama, you enrolled in graduate school.  Working and studying at the same time won’t be too easy.  The passion of people on campus becomes a great motivation for me.  While gaining new wisdom is also important, the indirect experiences gained from those people are valuable and things money can’t buy.  That’s why I wanted to attend school a little bit more.

Being very busy, do you date?  (laughter) I always think I need to but meeting someone isn’t as easy as you’d think.  These days, people around me also say isn’t it time for you to meet a girlfriend.  However, I want to [meet her] in a more natural way.  I’m not sure if it’s because my work is more fun then dating at the moment, but I don’t feel a sense of urgency right now.

Checked shirt and beige color argyle knit cardigan, denim pants are HERITORY. Grey color brooch is PRADA, muffler is TOD’S.

“While work and love are both important, my family is above all most precious to me.  Especially with with my younger sister, although I’m strict, I’m trying to become a more attentive oppa.  I was so proud and thrilled upon hearing that my younger sister got accepted into college this year.  I guess this is what a father’s heart probably feels like. (laughter)”

OMG~~~~!!!!!  Awwwww~~~~ So freaking sweet!!!

Congrats to Seunggi’s younger sister!!!!

A ‘trustworthy and sincere Nation’s actor’ image is strongly attached to you, do you feel burdened by that kind of image?  Having a good image is a great virtue, but I don’t want to be constrained by that.  I do want to live up to the reputation of the name ‘Lee Seung Gi’ when I’m standing before the general public and I know that this requires endless hard work.

Aside from work, what else interests you these days?  I like to cook.  A while back, I learned how to prepare Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western food so sometimes, when friends come over or guests come over, I personally cook for them.

What type of food do you cook the best?  I can make basic pasta very tasty.  Recently, I made braised short ribs, and it was really delicious even when I tasted it.  The top beneficiaries of my cooking are my friends.  Since I don’t have a girlfriend, even when I cook, my friends are the only people who can eat it. (laughter)

Actor, Singer, MC, while it may be hard to pick just one, what is most important to you right now?  I always think the current here and now is most important.  Whatever I am doing at that moment is most important.  To me, this interview is foremost right now.  When I was doing ‘Strong Heart,’ variety was first, and when I was doing ‘The King 2 Hearts,’ drama was the priority.

Then, what is most important after that?  I don’t have any finalized plans yet.  But during the latter part of the year, I want to put out an album through a completely different kind of project I haven’t shown thus far.  I’m anticipating that I will all of a sudden appear, like jjahng!

What kind of person does Lee Seung Gi want to become?  Until the day my passion and stamina have been exhausted, I’d like to be Lee Seung Gi who acts, sings, and also does variety for a long time ■

Knit hoodie and denim pants are HERITORY, checked muffler is DUNHILL, bead-studded leather gloves are BURBERRY PRORSUM.

“I gain a lot from people observing my variety sense.  Even if I were to tell the same story, I try to relay it in a more fun way.”

“The happiness I sense when I am acting, singing, or involved in a program is the source of my energy.  Therefore, I don’t think I realize how tired I am, even when I’ve work without any rest. (laughter)”

Stylists: Hong Won Ho, Kim Said Byul
Hair&makeup: Im Hye Kyung
Cooperation: Tomorrow Travel (naeiltour.co.kr), BW TRAVEL (bwhoneymoon.com)

* This is part 3 of 3, of the InStyle, September 2012 interview *

OMG, just like the Instyle feature editor said…

Lee Seung Gi is that type of guy. The kind of person that makes everyone can’t help but to like him…  When you’re with him, you become happy.  Lee Seunggi is that kind of person.  In other words, this is his most potent weapon among his charms.

Aw, always love his interviews!!!

Hope Seunggi and Airens have an awesome Singapore fan meeting!!!!

Images: DCLSG/As labeled, Clickangel/Tryp96

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10 Responses

  1. He has the x factor that everyone loves. :) and thank you for the translation!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the translation LSG:)He’s really very passionate in whatever he do not just 100% but a thousand%,im loving him more and more…:)

  3. Thank you sooooo much Ann for helping us non-Koreans know and love him more!!!!

  4. Thank you very much. I am still waiting for my copy of Instyle to arrive. I will file this translation together with the magazine. Really really appreciate it…..yes, you are right, the part about the airport just made my day.

  5. Thank you Ann for translating this Beautiful article from Instyle for us.. I always love reading Seunggi’s interview and his deep & sincere answers always me makes me in awe..It makes me feel that im just an inch away from him..I really couldn’t help but love this person..OMO! this spell will not just go away it becomes even stonger..hehehe :)

  6. thanks a lot Ann………,I want to know about his feeling to Han Hyo Joo….may be There’s a special thing between them……..

  7. I love it that family is important to him.

  8. Ann, the fan meeting was more than awesome. Seung Gi sang, played games with the fans, joked, taught some how to dance, rode the bicycle and spoke “Singlish” ….. an unforgettable night indeed for those who were there. As many people have mentioned, he is really much better looking in person and when he smiles, I can only go “wow” !!!!

    Also, the best part of the night was when I got to shake hands with him. It just seemed so unbelievable. Seung Gi yah, I am not embarrassed to declare that I am now your slave forever!!

    • Shake hands??!!! You should’ve run up and hugged him! Hehe.

      Sounds like it was seriously more than awesome! Loving the response from fans who went! Love how they made it so intimate and special… and especially foremost for the Singapore and Southeast Asia Airens. Seunggi really loves and appreciates his fans… you can totally tell. Can’t wait to read/see more stuff!

  9. Translating all these is pure hard work and dedication.
    Thank you so much for your time, effort and generosity.
    Seunggi really has amazing fans like you!!!

    This article has just made us love him even more.
    His work ethics, his love for his family, his character, his intelligence…
    He is just a gem!!!

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