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[InStyle 2012 Interview] Lee Seung Gi – Man of the Moment ①

Man of the Moment

He was broadly grinning when I first met him. And on the next day, and the day after that… His dignified demeanor despite whatever the condition, was so remarkably cool. Lee Seung Gi is that type of guy. The kind of person that makes everyone can’t help but to like him.

By Hanna Choi
Photographed by JoongSuk Oh

English:  LSGfan

“Perhaps because we’re by the beach, but even though it’s raining, it’s very picturesque. It would be great to spend this kind of day seated at a cafe with huge windows, listening to the rain and drinking coffee.”

Beige color jacket and navy color knit, inner shirt and pants are all HERITORY, beaded vest layered with jacket is VANHART DI ALBAZAR, plum color walkers are TOD’S.

As soon as I opened the door to hotel room 1028, I saw him sitting against the sofa fiddling with his smartphone.  As soon as he sensed I was there, he quickly got up and offered me a seat.  Despite dealing with the difficult photo session amidst the storm from the day before, he was said to have woken up at 7am and already had a hearty breakfast.  Soon thereafter, he turned off the power on his smartphone and after drinking some water, he indicated he was ready by making eye contact and smiling.  Appearing to be quite familiar with a recorder and its red light, I placed it in front of him and we began to talk.  Yesterday’s dinner menu of what he ate, the stretched out nightscape as he rode back in the car, the difficult fashion shoot filmed in the rain…

Talking about this and that, he initiated the conversation first. And realizing that he was indeed like that of a Nation’s MC, I automatically chuckled.  When you’re with him, you become happy.  Lee Seunggi is that kind of person.  In other words, this is his most potent weapon among his charms.

This is his 9th year since debuting, and even without reciting the projects he’s been in, his existence is well-established beyond imagination for people.  Thus, you can view his lifestyle as standing out in a special way.  However, although the Lee Seunggi I encountered for a short period was not ordinary, he was a young adult who enjoyed the ordinary in his own life.  He plays soccer with his friends every week, screams out while playing video games like others his age, and enjoys going out for lighthearted drinks.  He also sleeps in late once a while, and also has friends over and stays up late talking and hanging out, enjoying the everyday ordinary life.

From a young boy who cried out ‘Noona, because you’re my woman’ and growing up well-mannered into a 26-year old young adult, as should be of a Nation’s aspirant, he now exudes a strong air of manliness, comfortably carrying his share from where he’s at. 

We left Korea together with Lee Seunggi.  Encountering him abroad, our lively conversation with him gets told now…

Checked shirt and navy color knit vest, beige color pants are HERITORY, glasses are TRITY GLASSES, red color rugby ball shaped brooch is PRADA.

“I’ve been watching a lot of dramas these days.  I like to monitor how other actors are acting and expressing themselves.  In particular, with a strong story-driven drama like ‘The Chaser,’ I think you can learn a lot of things.”

Navy color double coat and navy shirt are BOTTEGA VENETA, grey pants and black ankle shoes are SALVATORE FERRAGAMO.

Images: DCLSG/As labeled

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