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[2012.08.09] Yeosu Expo K-pop Festival – Lee Seung Gi

English: LSGfan, Videos: DCSYGALL
(Whoa, amazing HD quality videos! Feels like I’m really there!)

1) Ment + Time for Love

TEACHER:  The person I’m about to introduce…  [Screams!] It’s better if everyone called out to him together rather than just me, right?!  [Yes!!!] Great. Let’s start… LEE. SEUNG. GI. (wow, Lee Sunhee so classy. One of the Nation’s top veteran singers letting her student shine.  She really loves LSG.)

LSG: It’s so hot today and I think there’s even more people here than last time. Thank you.  This is my second time here at Yeosu, so I’m really happy.  Can everyone in the back see me okay?  You can’t?  Ok, just wait a bit and I’ll come forward more later.  (aw, LSG such a tease!) Being on stage after a while, I feel very nervous. This is a song from my 5th album, a song I wrote. For those who know it, please follow along… Time for Love.

2) Ment + Love taught me to drink

LSG:  You keep saying you can’t see me?!  (Hehe) Wow, it’s been so hot these days. I’m sure there’s are people here on vacation, and others because the Yeosu Expo has been great. I heard today is the last day for the Yeosu Expo so I’ll do my best as the last singer… (crowd says it’s not the last day! omg, LSG so heodang! There’s one more day left with an indie band scheduled. Ha)  Well, not being final singer is fine too.  (omg LOLs)

Thank you again for inviting me to the Yeosu Expo twice, and I really think it’s because of you. I’ll sing my second song… I came the first time and now it’s my second. Are there people here for the second time? Seems like it for the front area people. How about the people in the back? [yes!] There are many people who’ve come twice? [yes!] So because of that I thought I should sing a different song…

Among my songs, there’s one song that received a 19-age rating. [Screams!] I never thought of it that way, but that’s what was decided. Because many of you showed love for that song… I’m not suggesting we really have a drink together here….  I’ll sing Love taught me to drink.

3) Ment + Will you marry  me

LSG: It’s been a while since I sang that song. Did you enjoy it? [yes!] Now that I’ve become a bit more comfortable here with you. You all feel more loosened up to, right? [yes!] You’ve used your precious time to come out here, so are you all ready to have an exciting time? [yes!]

Now to make your hearts go ‘du-geun du-geun’ I’ll sing some songs that are like that of Lee Seunggi. Any songs that you know? Delete? Will you marry me? We’ll bring our dancers out. It’s not really dancing… more like simple motions. For those who know it, please sing along…  Will you marry me.

4) Ment + One more time

LSG: Take it off? It’s a little hot isn’t it?! (yay, jacket off!) The guys here probably aren’t really into this. This is a fan service for the women here. The weather’s great tonight here at Yeosu, withe the breeze from the water and it makes me even more happy singing. The breeze feels great, right?! [yes!] Ok now I’ll take all the energy I’ve been saving up while resting at home and use it all here at Yeosu.  Everyone ready?!

I’ll slowly head out front and to the sides. Like Lee Sunhee sunbaenim said during her stage, because we’re outdoors, when you go forward you can’t hear the playback as well and can get off beat. (screams of it’s okay! haha) But you’ll think that I can’t sing! [No way!] This next song, the older adults will know it too, and the younger friends think this is my song. But it’s from my remake album. I’ll sing One More Time.

Awww~~~ @1:50, working it with Airen mint balloon!

5) Ment + Smile Boy

LSG: Can you hear me okay??!! You can see me better now, right?! We’re outdoors, so there’s a delay in the playback.  Because you guys were so loud and into it, I couldn’t hear it too well. Did you guys like that?! I’m so excited too. You guys aren’t tired yet, right?! Are you ready for more? Yeosu, shout louder.

6) Let’s go on vacation

7) Ment + Because you’re my woman

LSG: Did you all have a great time? [yes!] Me too, I had a really great time. Thank you for inviting me to such a wonderful event. I’ll sing you my last song. [screams] Next time, I’ll meet you again as the opportunity arises.  You feel disappointed? [yes!] What should I sing you for my last song? Because you’re my woman?

Thank you again. If I return to Yeosu, I want to meet you all again. Thanks for the great memories. You all had a great time, right?! I see that there are a lot of noonas here, so I’ll sing Because you’re my woman.

8) Ment + Because we’re friends

LSG: Everyone, thank you for having a great time. I have one song left. I’ll give it my all. Sorry, but since I can’t hear the music well, I’m going to have move back. This is my title song from my 5th album. For those who know it, please sing along. Because we’re Friends.  Thank you Yeosu!

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2 Responses

  1. it’s been a long time.. Seung gi need to come back on TV!!!!
    I wish he could act in a movie soon.. movie is sexier than drama..
    sometime you could act in a scary movie.. or bad guy

  2. These times were so great! missing my rocker seunggi! TT

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