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[2012 F/W Heritory] Seunggi in camel leather jacket and tweed

OMFG~~~!!!  Ackkk!  Heritory  2012 F/W collection is so freaking awesome!  A perfect match and totally deserving of our dear Seunggi!  (note to Hook/Cody~ see how easy it is to make fans super happy and not pissed off, ranting about your crappy concepts!)  Heritory’s daebak goodies have me in seriously MAJOR glee fangirling mode!

2012 F/W fashion shoot imaging, Heritory main model Lee Seunggi photo~ Such dazzling looks and even good-hearted on top of that~
Feast your eyes with Lee Seung Gi’s photo and have a great day!

English: LSGfan via Heritory facebook

Love the camel leather jacket paired with camel/beige hued tweed!

Whoa~~~ check out the manly hands!

More fitted tweed paired with shirt-tie-vest and jeans!

Ackkk~ our handsome Seunggi with that cute dog (both accessorized with scavesf!)

(note to Cody~ this is how you properly accessorize with a SCARF!!!!!)

Seunggi in the Heritory camel leather jacket reminds of Daewoong~~~

Heartbreaking scene from My Girlfirend is a Gumiho – Episode 16 final

Hoi Couple spends last day together….  Huhuhu~~~

Miho kisses Daewoong, then disappears…

Leaving our Daewoong in tears and all on his own…  Huhuhu.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and our Hoi Couple never ever gets old!

Images: Heritory, Naver blog

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4 Responses

  1. I just know it.. that when Ann get to see these pictures from Heritory she will be happy.. I almost tweeted you to check out the pictures.. Seunggi on a postman cap w/ umbrella & plaid shirt top w/ red sweater? & scarf pic along with the dog is my 2 most fav..

    Hopefully Cody & stylist will get some lesson 101 out of these Heritory fashion preference..*crossing my fingers* im just too tired dealing with their mishaps when it comes to fashion preference..

    Anyhow, we just love all Prince Seunggi pictures from this week from Instyle Mag along with F/W Heritory pictures.. soo happy..*clapping*

  2. I just cant help but to agree with an old news of LSG..that his best feature is his doe-like eyes..(to me everything LSG is the best tho)….:)

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