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[2012 F/W Heritory] Seunggi for stylish rainy, colder days

Omg, can’t help but to spam posts of our Seunggi in Heritory!  Everyone should look so stylish and lovely heading out on a rainy day!  Nice umbrella with extended tip.  And those look like Hunter boots?  Aw, and suspenders!  Love the layering of different textures!  Newsboy cap and large knot tie is LOVE!  Um, and sorry, but can’t help but to notice… Seunggi looks great in those pants!~~!!!  (Hehe. um, sorry, don’t mind me!)

Can’t help it.  *major fangirling mode*


Glasses, big knot tie, newsboy cap, suspenders, multiple layering…

Again, awwww~~~~~

We all want to cuddle with this guy this winter season!!!

Images: Heritory

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3 Responses

  1. LSG looks so smart and stylish,this winter fashion is veary suitable for him.

  2. Love the feel that he exudes~~~
    Sexy, Hot, Princely, Cutie and then “Hey there~”

  3. faint! major fangirling mode here too!

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