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[2012.08.09] Yeosu Expo: Seunggi lets loose in white t-shirt

Yay, Seunggi does what fans tell him to do.  They said~~ ‘Take it off! Take it off!’

Yeah, black jacket on a hot summer night at an outdoor concert… not needed!


He is seriously belting it out!!!

Whoa~~~  these fan photos are so amazing!

Sweating it out, in hot white t-shirt, performing your heart out is~~~ HOT!

Hehehe~~~  Omg, I love this one!  The hair!

(it’s like that LOL Strong Heart disheveled hair prince ep with Suju boys!)

Images: DCLSG, As Labeled

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One Response

  1. Besides of hotness overload due to “sweaty look”, one more thing that I admired most from Seunggi is.. He always do his best in everything he does.. He’s a perfectionist.. how i wished i could even get half of his traits..whoa his dedication towards his crafts is superb! make me think that he really loved & enjoy what he’s been doing..

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