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[2012.08.09] Yeosu Expo: Seunggi lets loose in white t-shirt

Yay, Seunggi does what fans tell him to do.  They said~~ ‘Take it off! Take it off!’

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[2012.08.09] Yeosu Expo: Seunggi handsome in black

More spamming fashion/style posts!  So handsome as his performance opens…

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[2012.06.27] Yeosu Expo K-pop Festival – Lee Seung Gi

Really missing Seunggi…  Entire performance cut.   @14:15~~ Yay!!

(video: seunggiairen)

Song lineup — 1) Because we’re friends (my fave), 2) Time for love, 3) Will you marry me, 4) Smile Boy, 5) Let’s go on vacation, 6) Because you’re my woman (for encore).

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Seunggi’s video message to Singapore fans… ‘See you soon’

OMFG~~~~ Seunggi @0:37… ‘See you soon.’  Ackkk!!  Why is his English SO freaking cute and hot at the same time?!   Memories of our King… ‘It’s my destiny’

(video: faithndentertainment)

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Seunggi triplets, quintuplets, sextuplets [2012 F/W Heritory]

Fans are SO talented and creative.  Awesome photoshop skills!  Omg, Seunggi and that dog = SO CUTE!  I totally believe that it could be his real dog!  See original large images at DCLSG-1DCLSG-2DCLSG-3.

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