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More Kolon Sport print ads of Lee Seung Gi like this, please…

Please give us more of the above type of Seunggi~!!!  The smile~~ *melts*

Active, on the move is a super great concept and layout, but hope it’s toned down a little for the upcoming F/W shoots.

Come on Kolon Sport, no more of these awkward snapshot print ads below, please…

Seunggi and Minjung deserve better.

Hehe~~ this one cracks me up.  But still cute. Their expressions and movement!

Loved the contrast of the bright blue Kolon Sport jacket over the suit on our King!

This was an awesome TK2H rain, serious scene. Gorgeous cinematography.

Hope Seunggi’s having a great time in New Zealand right now~~~ huhuhu.

Images: Kolon Sport, DCLSG, Tryp96

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