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Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won meet up post-The King 2 Hearts

Whoa~~~ was not expecting to see our King and his Queen like this 2 months after The King 2 Hearts wrapped!  They exude such a natural luxurious and refined air!  And in a totally sincere way, void of arrogance.  Gosh, it’s easy to see why people can’t help but to like them!  They look like modern-day royal leaders dressed in formal black attire, posing for their portrait!  (would’ve been perfect if their son was there too!)

[July 31, 2012].  Photos from their interview with Japanese media outlet for upcoming TK2H premiere on MNET Japan.  Released today on leeseunggi.com/jp.  I would’ve chosen a different shirt more deserving of our King, but can’t really complain.  Our King is truly kingly!  And that’s some v-cut on our Queen!  Our royal couple looks great!

Glad they’ve been able to meet up and keep in touch post-The King 2 Hearts despite busy schedules.  Still can’t believe Jiwon’s 9 years older than our Seunggi!

[June 13, 2012] Get together – Jiwon, Lee Jaekyu PD, Seunggi, Lee Soon Jae.

This is SO Seunggi!  Happy to be chilling with beloved veteran actor Lee Soon Jae (77)!  And I love that Seunggi even met up with Lee Soon Jae and his grandkids for dinner!  People say PD Lee Jaekyu is great at pulling things from an actor.  So true!

I still want to know what they talked about.  How they ended up getting together?!

[May 24, 2012].  The King 2 Hearts wrap-up party and final episode broadcast.

OMG, I love Seunggi here!!!!!   I wish I was sitting next to him!  Huhuhu.

White t-shirt and stylish-hot-sorta-like-just-got-out-of-bed hair!  Waahh~~!!!!

He also looks a little buzzed to me!  Hahaha.  But I don’t see any beer cans or soju in front of him!  I think he was probably just a little exhausted.

Aw, Bon Bon~~~ Now she had some serious problems!  She and Seunggi look cute!

Aw, Seunggi~~~~ I love you in this awesome white tshirt!  Please do this more often!

Images: DCLSG, As labeled, Tryp96

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7 Responses

  1. I was amazed by the responses generated by these photos (elsewhere)! Some very strong words indeed! Anyway, I agree with you – our two look just so Royal with a capital R (love the way they lean toward each other!). In my heart they will always be cherished as King JH and Queen HA. Good luck on your Japan outing!

  2. Simple but elegant aura! Has it only been two months? It feels like longer than that! They really look great together…it’s as if you can feel like they’re really at ease with each other.

  3. i miss them… T_T

  4. Reblogged this on Riaminoz's Blog and commented:

  5. Reblogged this on Riaminoz's Blog and commented:
    love them together *-*

  6. me encanto esta pareja se ven tan comodos entre ellos fueron tan imprecionantes en su teatro o drama fueron tan autentico me gusto verlos juntos despues del termino de teatro bendiciones a los dos

  7. Wow, I very like too see Images which Ha Ji Won eat and sit near Lee Seung Gy in wrap party. In 2013 award ceremony, I saw many times when Lee Seung Gy & Ha Ji Won stand near, after success for Empress Ki and Gu family book. They look very romance. Ha Ji Won is really lucky, when she works with many Lovely Actors as Lee Seung Gy, Hyun Bin,Ha Ji Won

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